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ISSUE 23 | SEPT 2016

MBE Business Magazine, Issue #23 is the issue that was published in the year 2016 in the month of September. The issue being the 23rd Edition of MBE Business magazine, holds key elements of success for its readers. Holds one of the key articles while starting from Real estate article on ‘How to invest in Real estate’. An article on MB Global Solutions with a deep perspective of business value addition. Management articles from Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi and Syed Mahmood Naqvi on importance of time and that Time is an asset of life. The article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi on how to get referrals is an article of success for those who love business development through referrals. Film festivals are a key part of the Hollywood industry and there are many film festivals that are of huge importance to the world of film making. Toronto International Film Festival or TIFF is an International Film Festival that takes place in Toronto. The film festival is a huge part of the film industry as the criteria in Toronto Film Festival and strict and the standards followed are pretty high. An article on Digital Media, i.e. 8 Digital Trends affecting Non-Profits today. The article is a value addition in world of digital media and highlights the trends in a unique way. Do You Have what it takes to be a landlord? An article that truly demonstrates with facts and figures what is important to become a landlord in the real estate world. A social article that helps your Teen Cope Up with depression. The article shows how Teen can fight with depression in more than one ways and what the problems they have been facing in life are.

The Magazine, Issue#23 starts with an interview from Ali Ehsas who is a Member of Parliament from Liberal Party. Also shows his photograph with the famous and 2nd time PM of Canada Mr. Justin Trudeau. An array of various different questions from him shows his unique personality more significantly and the way he has transformed into the politician he is today. An article that shows how China Politics is linking with the Canadian real estate markets. China is truly a huge country just after Canada in area and the difference is not that much. The country’s politics is discussed more closely and how significantly can it bring the change. The way Canadian real estate markets are being affected is transparently clear in the article. An article that holds a debate is actually an argumentative article and the topic is Earn More Vs Save More. The question is why it is a wrong debate? This article will definitely help the readers make an in-depth analysis of the saving mechanism and what it takes to earn more. Earnings is considered as more important in business world as compared to savings which might come later in the day. An article for the Auto insurance industry and Ontario Auto Insurance Rates remain high. What are the reasons for such a change in the auto insurance industry in Ontario? Ontario is a huge province and there are many factors that can control the auto industry in Ontario. The key should be to minimize the premium price in the industry as it is getting high every day. A management article from Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, Time is the Asset of Life. The article is based on the importance of Time and why time is such an asset of life. The value of time, especially today in the modern world cannot be ignored. It is truly a life asset and determines the importance of an individual with respect to his daily dealings.

Entertainment industry in Canada revolves heavily around films and Cinemas. The Toronto Int. Film Festival takes place in Toronto Canada is one of the most followed Films festival. It covers films from all around the world and recognizes the efforts of those countries as well where cinemas are not that strong for example Bosnia Herzegovina. However, the films from such countries still makes an impact like it does in Oscars in form of awards in category of foreign film nominations. The film festival is covered by super stars from the Film fraternity from Hollywood and other industries showing the importance of the awards and its large scale media coverage. It also is a huge experience for directors and producers from different nationalities and film industries. Finally, TIFF or Toronto International Film Festival is a film fiesta of its own. Giving significance not only to actors, and stars from different countries, but also a promoter of different cultures and customs. However, the awards are most recognized by Planet Hollywood, as Hollywood is the industry with the most number of films made in a year. <>An article on Digital Media, signifies the importance of Digital media trends and how these trends are affecting the Non-Profits today. NON-Profits is a word given to organizations that are not for profits, i.e. NGOs or other organizations whose aim is not to earn profits in any particular ways. The first and most important point is online and mobile is indeed unstoppable as it has emerged in form of a typhoon. The research and innovation and the different revolution in the industry has shown how online & Mobile is Unstoppable. This modern world is indeed a world of digital media trends.

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