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ISSUE 24 | OCT 2016

MBE Business Magazine, Issue # 24 is the issue from October 2016, and one of the key issues from 2016. The third consecutive year since start of MBE Business Magazine issues, and highly complementing the success of the magazine in the world of business in Canada. A management article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi with the title “Making sure your employees succeed”, is a key business article from October 2016. Another article is a focused article on the Real Estate Canada and prices forecast for Canadian real estate sector. A management article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi, i.e. “Burn Your College Degree & Still Create Success”, is a management article. It shows values attached to hard work and motivational aspects attached to a person’s career and life history. The importance of making your children financially aware of managing money and talking to them about the importance of money and handling financial matters. An article on Life insurance, its significant values and factors that affect life insurance premiums. How to become a better entrepreneur and influence your journey with success at every level. How positive employee Morale benefits your business. Many importance levels attached to employee positivity and satisfaction at work. An article on tourism industry Canada on favorite places to visit in Canada that includes the Canadian Rockies. The importance of Thanksgiving Day and how to spend it especially with your family. There are always key values attached with the Thanksgiving Day as it holds huge importance for Canada.

Employee success holds values of prestige for many people attached with the organization and its goals in long term. An article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi, Vice President of MBE Group is a complete masterpiece that shows the mindset of the Vice President for their employees in their own company. Employee success determines principal values attached to corporate governance and its importance in the world of business. A company’s goal not only revolves around its clients and customers, but also revolves around its potential stakeholders and its employees that are the key to success & goals of the company. This is especially true for organizations operating in more than one countries, i.e. Multinational companies and highly impacts its success globally. Thinking in the direction of employee’s success relates to employees training & development goals as well as keeping a positive mindset for employees.

Talking money with your children is all part of the financial training that comes into play since childhood. The money talk that is most important for future development goals and hasn’t been discussed before. How parents can set example and provide solutions as financial management is key to the growing concerns. Children must know from their childhood the importance and prestige levels attached to money and why everything revolves around money making. Having a clear view of your child’s perceptions for money and finances is highly critical in determining ways of how to train your children for financial matters. How they would have to handle dark circumstances, also known as financial crisis situations. Money talk with children also helps vitally in raising families as what’s most concerning is to raise family and having family values attached to raising a family. How can you bring your kids on a path to financial literacy and why financial literacy holds values of success for children?

MBE Insurance is a subsidiary firm of the MBE Group from the financial side of MBE Inc. The article is regards to Life Insurance, its key values and the key factors that affect Life insurance premiums. The factors are attached to the levels of risks attached to a person taking life insurance and then deciding with the time factor which holds most importance in determining the term. The 10 factors discussed are 1) Current Age, 2) The Health History, 3) Your Current Health, 4). Weight, 5). The Occupation you are in, 6). Smoking. 7). Drinking 8). Your Family History 9). Your Gender & finally 10). The Policy Itself. All these key factors especially smoking revolves around the levels of risks attached to life before deciding a premium for life insurance, the more the risks, the higher the insurance premiums and vice versa. If you cut down smoking, the insurance premium will get to lower levels which means lesser risks to life and better value of insurance.

‘Entrepreneurship’ as the name signifies itself is a ‘Ship’ that under the key influence of an entrepreneur sails to its final destination. Holds the challenges attached to entrepreneurial goals and commitments and how an entrepreneur can achieve their targets that are highly critical for them. These are not personal targets, they are entrepreneurial targets that are cumulative goals for a company, its growth and growth of the employees. It also holds vital values of success for an entrepreneur’s commitment to his targets. To become a better entrepreneur is not only about profitable goals but holds key values to goals of sustainability. Sustainable business development targets are of huge importance for an entrepreneur and their short and long term targets. An article on Travel & Tourism sector in Canada regards to the Top 6 lakes in the Canadian Rockies. The lakes with key significance in the Canadian geography are Lake Minniwanka, Peyto Lake, Lake Louise, Pyramid Lake, Maligne Lake & finally Johnson Lake. All these lakes in the Canadian Rockies are of valuable importance in Canada for people coming for sake of Tourism.

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