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ISSUE 29 | MAR 2017

‘Issue # 29’ of MBE Business Magazine was published in March 2017. The issue holds a list of management articles and many other articles on different categories and different nature. A leader’s way to live a happier life is an article from CEO & Dir. Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi who is an example of true leadership and entrepreneurship. What’s the importance of first impression and how to create an impression that is highly necessary in the first place? An article from Syed Mahmood Ali Naqvi, Vice President of MBE Group. His thoughts are highly cultivating and holds vital importance as image and the impression of first meeting is of most importance. Another management article from Syed Alamdaar Hussain, Country Head, MBE Group. The focus of this article is organizational behavior and how to behave in a company regards to the ethical considerations and moral behaviors. Other articles of interest for readers includes How to kick start a healthier life? The ingredients of a healthy life style are highly vital part of a person’s success life and his future, i.e. Career goals. Travel & tourism sector shows the article based on the Province journey of Nova Scotia. This article being a travel article is a description of the classic road trip to Nova Scotia. How can you start your own business, i.e. working self-employed with positive prospects? The article is a highly critical one in terms of entrepreneurial goals and ways to achieve them.

A leader’s way to live a happy life, an article by Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi based on his entrepreneurial goals and his commitments towards leadership and leadership challenges. According to his article leadership revolves around big challenges, motivation, strategy, team work, vision, goal and proper management strategies.

How can you make your first impression as your best impression? Vice President of MBE Syed Mahmood Ali Naqvi’s article is also based on the popular saying “First Impression, is last Impression”. This is indeed a fact of the corporate world and means lots of importance for those who are well aware of the importance of creating an impression in the eyes of those for whom the impression matters.

Workplace ethics matters a great deal for a good future in the company and plays a highly vital role in creating a consistently good image. It is one of the key significance in creating moral values at work along with corporate values and is a huge gateway towards corporate intelligence. Establishing an ethics program and then following it steadily is seriously a tough job in an organization and needs to have higher levels of maintenance. Employees should be highly positive for bigger and better results in a result oriented environment.

Kickstart a healthier life style is an article based on healthy life style, and maintenance of a healthy life style regards to the vital means of enrichment. It highly is dependable on your daily routine with exercises, having a healthy lifestyle, and eating less and prioritizing the use of vegetables and other sources of anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidants are flooded with vitamins and minerals and the food with anti-oxidants helps in the reduction of excess fat and unwanted weight. Another vital ingredient to kick start a healthy lifestyle is a good night’s sleep. Taking a sleep of at least 8 hours is a high necessity for your goals as well as a huge demand of your body. This is especially after working all day long as you have to start your day from morning again. What’s vitally important is the maintenance of the lifestyle and standards that are necessary to maintain. Another vitality is taking more water intake and relaxing as more water intake will help you with good prospects in future. Vegetables for a healthy lifestyle are the best ingredients of life style source and taken in the right form will definitely be good for your body.

An article on Condominiums drinking water systems and what’s the Safe drinking water act. Safe drinking is a vital part of the health and safety procedures and is always highly acknowledged for a better living and well-being. Well-being is a science phenomenon which is considered with the well-being of all living organisms. This is highly concerned with the art of well-being i.e. staying good from outside and healthy from the inside as well. In other words your inside-outs are healthy with good organisms found in your body. Water purification systems are indeed highly vital as they kill the bacteria in water and are a huge plus these days. It clearly shows the true importance of living organisms and importance of pure water. Known in chemical terminologies as H20 being the formula for water. It is vital for human survival and consists of hydrogen and oxygen. The earth is composed of 71% water and 29% land, shows how important is water for human survival and how it is obtained through a refined process. The natural sources of water includes, Seas, Rivers, Streams, Lakes, Geysers, Water-Falls and Oasis are the natural sources of flowing water. The water present in Sea is mostly Saline water and is not suitable for drinking. However, water is obtained from these natural resources and then purified and used for consumption in homes, factories, offices, refineries, hotels, restaurants and many other sources. The Sea life is also used for eating purposes after cooking. Examples includes lobsters, prawns, fish etc.


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