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ISSUE 30 | APR 2017

The MBE business Magazine, Issue#30, is the second issue of 2017, and a key one in terms of Real estate articles. The Issue is significant because of some gorgeous articles and a highly attractive cover page. It holds an article on the history of the Canadian dollar and how the dollar has transformed to its latest face, i.e. the way it is today. Another article that signifies why Canada is home to the toughest piracy laws in the entire world. Another key article on Environment that shows why Alberta is planning for Wildfire season. An article on marketing that determines the key importance of predictive marketing analysis tool. An article that signifies the importance of writing and tips showing the ways to improve your travel writing. Finally, an article on the world of fashion, i.e. 6 Habits of highly fashionable people. The fashion world is also full of challenges and the Habits of highly fashionable people is an article that shows why competition is so necessary in the fashion world.

The importance of currencies cannot be denied in any way as Canada is Top 11 in the list of most powerful currencies in the world. In the most powerful list of currencies in the world, Kuwait Dinar ranks number 1, followed by Bahrain Dinar, Omani Riyal, Jordan Dinar, and the 5th strongest currency being British Pound. The British Pound is also the strongest currency of the world after the currencies of the Arab world. The Euro is another prominent currency that ranks 8th, followed by Swiss Franc on 9th and US dollar on 10th although USA is the Super power of the world. Finally, it’s the Canadian dollar who is the 11th most powerful this year, as it lost its position from previous year, i.e. 10th. The currency features Queen of England on the note of ‘20’, giving the importance and prestige to their monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, being the Queen of England and monarchies. The article shows the history of the Canadian dollar since the Bank of Canada issued the currency in 1935. Canadian dollar was declared officially a reserve currency by the International Monetary Fund, the acronym for which is ‘IMF’.

Piracy is a major issue of the modern world and Canada has some of the toughest piracy laws in place in their system. Piracy is concerned heavily with copyrights issues and following the problems that are associated with copyrights.

An article on Environmental Sustainability Canada and how Alberta is preparing for the Wildfire season. The province has seen many Wildfires in their forests in the past and their preparations are high to combat the dangers of wild fires.

An article on marketing on the subject of Predictive marketing analysis tools is one of the most key articles in the field of marketing & consumer marketing. It shows the importance of making useful predictions in the marketing field, and how fruitful is the use of tools for making useful predictions. Predictive tools also good for the determination of consumer’s psychology in marketing and how to overcome the marketing challenges. Maximizing your profits by getting involved with the customers. Examples to be taken in this area are companies known as Amazon and Netflix, which are giant in the industry. How important is the targeting of the segmented markets during the promotions. Also, known in marketing terminologies as market segmentation eases the process of marketing for consumer dynamics and effective marketing intelligence.

The benefits of travel writing for the promotions of travelling and tourism industry especially in a huge country like Canada. The article simply tells us how you can improve your travel writing to make it a good analytical tool for people who want to travel places. The experience of travelling is a very rich experience apart from being the most memorable memories from your digital world. It not only is part of your digital diaries but is significantly a part of your life as being the most memorable memories. It is indeed a good lesson for people as well, especially those who intend to travel and plan to write their travel diaries. The tips in this article are similarly good writing of travel blogs that includes people’s passionate places experiences and how they felt while they were present tangibly to their dream destinations.

An article of huge significance in Issue#30 is the Aiming for zero, an approach to suicide prevention. How important it is for Canada to prevent suicide and suicidal deaths as the rate of suicide in North America has increased since last few years. It is largely due to the growing amount of depression and also depends on the attitude of youth towards life. There have been serious research involved on ways to bring this rate to zero, just for the sake of Canada’s emotional prosperity.

Hence, an article on the fashion world that shows the habits of highly fashionable people. Fashionable people are trend setters and their trend analysis is highly commendable in the world of fashion. The fashion capital of the World is Paris, while Milan is also considered a huge fashion hub as both European cities have maintained high standards of fashion. In United States, its New York and Los Angeles as trendsetting cities in United States. However, in Canada, Vancouver and Toronto are the two cities who have really shown Canada the right meaning of Fashion Statement Canada.


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