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ISSUE 31 | MAY 2017

MBE Business Magazine, ISSU#31 was released in May 2017, being the 31st Issue it marks huge importance for many reasons. It holds key management articles and on topics that holds vital importance for the readers. Respect for everyone’s religion and beliefs is an article on moral and social values. Another article of key significance is Best Way to live relaxed life. Real estate article on the booming Real estate markets in Canada is a vital article from the defined category, i.e. Real Estate Canada. How recognition can make a big difference? An article on the category of motivation and how employee motivation is the necessity of current times. An article on Technology and the use of apps, the Hunger for mobile Food apps is growing, and how it is giving a cutting edge to food businesses. How to save money at the Gas Pumps? Ten simple ways are being identified showing the true values of saving money at the Gas Pump. All these articles in the various business categories are key ingredients for the readers of the business magazine.

A management article from Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, CEO/Director of MBE Group and his thoughts on Respect for everyone’s religion and beliefs. Why is it so important in the corporate world to focus on the religion and beliefs of everyone and show respect accordingly? Why it’s important? Simply because nobody’s feelings should get hurt while working together and having similar business ideologies and motivations. Every individual holds vital elements in the business world, and the position, expertise and talent is more important than any other thing.

Another management article from Syed Alamdar Hussain, Country Head MBE Inc. on ways to live a relaxed and a happy life. It’s important to take a time-out as taking a break is highly critical to solve problems that are of intellectual and corporate intelligence. Taking big decisions is part of the corporate world and therefore, it’s more important for people to involve themselves in most crucial time-outs. Just like you need an innings break during an ODI or a Test Match in cricket, similarly, you need to relax and align your thoughts with respect to what you want from your job and your assignments. Don’t hold unwanted bitterness for your colleagues, and it’s vital in a team working environment that you simply think first. Similar to the saying that goes like “Think before You Leap” , its important in the corporate world to think twice before saying something or taking an important and crucial decision. Decision making is an art that is more or less linked up with absolute focus and being certain of your decisions. Decision making also needs to have the use of a relaxed mind and thoughtful approach. You don’t have to be a scientific genius or a politician from brain. In fact, you just needs to meditate and relax before taking a big corporate decision. Using small and good comedy sessions and laughter therapy is indeed the best medicine to move forward. It helps in the cultivation of a good thought process that is vitally important for your rest of the day at work. Finally, practicing relaxation sessions is indeed the most vital part of everyday life. Different relaxation sessions as an example are; jogging, walking, swimming, meditation and some other relaxation ways that are exercise sessions as well as sessions that relaxes your mind and body. They give you a positive mental paradigm and your focus is indeed not diverted. Instead, you get yourself more focused towards your goals while your heart feels relaxed and motivated.

Another management article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi, Vice President MBE Group INC. He is currently the Vice President of the company and a key person regards to the Real Estate and mortgage markets in Canada. His article is a focus on the booming real estate markets in Canada and how they are changing every day. According to Syed Mahmood and his analysis of the Markets, the Real Estate markets in Canada is booming due to the lower interest rates and in parallel bringing the supply and demand on a daily basis. His vision and understanding of the real estate markets in Canada is more linked up with his focus for the real estate sector. The real estate sector in the middle of 2017 was on a boom as the markets showed positive response on an overall basis.

An article on the tech and innovation with the focus being hunger for mobile App growing. The article shows the importance and competition in the Food apps market and how comprehensively they have beaten other apps. It has huge amount of convenience, timeliness and maintenance of quality standards associated with the applications. The apps are common in Canadian food markets, i.e. restaurants and take away with a huge positive response.

From the entertainment industry it’s Juno Awards with “summer of 69” and the Canadian musicians together. The awards also holds a meeting of Pop King Bryan Adams with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Canada’s stand-up comedy king Russel Peters. All three most professional individuals in their field of work are not only talented to high spirits and standards, but also hold lots of passion and emotions for Canada. Russel Peters is a gutsy comedian who on his day can make even the most serious ones laugh out loud.

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