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ISSUE 34 | AUG 2017

‘Issue#34’, published in 2017 in the month of August holds some facts based articles and some interesting management articles. An article from CEO/Director Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi on ‘True Happiness in Life’ is based on self-actualization and how you achieve your success with self-determination and on the principles of being self-made. What are the key things that needs to be considered and being taken care of regards to buying a home? The story of young entrepreneurs who quit corporate life and still survived in the business world. Success stories of how they survived in the business world and what made them achieve what they are today. Why Global Investments Are a Good Bet? An article that holds priorities for those who like investments in the business world that are termed as global investments. Human resource is a key resource from the corporate world and what are the important skills that make human resource as successful managers. Is Alcohol Good for you? Is an article that relates to your health & fitness, i.e. daily routine? How can you control alcohol, if you are an alcoholic and want to control alcohol. Are you a casual drinker or a high drinker that is dependent on daily consumption of alcohol?

An article that is based on theories of happiness and the relationship of happiness with many other things that make people happy. What can make you happy, as an entrepreneur, a corporate office worker, an artist, a media personality or someone who is into regular charity work? Syed Mansoor Naqvi’s personal ideas and general thoughts on how to be happy i.e. through friends and relatives, neighbors and charity work that can give you immense sense of accomplishment. It’s not only the sense of achievement, it’s the sense of accomplishment that really counts for an individual. Achieving things for a particular person in life makes him feel proud of his accomplishments and that pride is carried forward in form of examples being created. A quote by Ben Sweetland sums it up for people that “Happiness is a journey not a destination”. It is something that is a part of your journey and helps you every day in reaching your destination.

An article that signifies the factors that needs to be considered while buying a home. One of the critical factors is the climate change and how your home should take care of Climate Change measures. It is now a global agenda that needs to be taken care of as green practices are measures that are highly practiced all across the globalized world. In the Western countries that includes Australia New Zealand, Canada, United States and United Kingdom, these are key considerations. Factors that can influence your home on a day-to-day basis.

Entrepreneurship is something that is very technical in the business world and needs huge attention for corporate workers and needs survival of the fittest. This article holds inspirational stories of young entrepreneurs who quit corporate life but still survived extraordinarily in the business world. One of the most inspiring and wonderful stories is that of CEOs and Co-Founder of Socialfly Stephanie, and Courtney. A thinking paradigm that has completely changed for the business entrepreneurs while they worked for themselves. Working for yourself is indeed hard but gives you huge levels of inspiration and an entrepreneur’s mindset.

Investments are a real source of making money in the world of finance and corporate finance. Global investments are still a good bet as diversification strategies plays a huge role in fruitful investments. The process of diversification has many advantages and is self-enforcing making the global financial markets more stable. Stability comes from diversifying your money and making it risk-free in the world of investments & funds management. It is like putting some money in stocks and holdings, and diversifying with some investments in the real estate sector. The real estate sector or property sector needs huge amounts of diversification strategies for real investments. Global diversification also helps in making a bet that the company will be in a better position in at least 20-30 years period. This period can vary depending on the amount of diversification and what makes them effective diversifications.

An article on Human resource management i.e. a key aspect in the business & corporate world. Human resource dept. of any large enterprise is considered as a very vital breathing organ of that organization. The important skills for successful human resource managers varies from company to company but generally they are the same in most companies. The ability to communicate for a human resource manager or a director is a necessity that needs to be accomplished very sensitively and with pure eagerness. The second most demanding skills is excellent judgement of any situation or a condition that comes all of a sudden. The third one is sensible and honest ethics. As the saying goes for most people in org’s that “Honesty is the best policy”. Its relation with any organization is linked vitally to the writ of the company. How good are you in following the law of the company, and what’s your policy regards to being transparent and sensitive. Great negotiation skills are needed for human resource managers while they recruit people for different positions along with the specialized departments. Finally, the strong multitasking abilities are for the HR managers to make them brighter and secure in the world of business.

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