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ISSUE 36 | OCT 2017

MBE Business Magazine ISSU#36

is the second last issue of 2017, with decent management articles and many other articles included in the magazine. The article includes Management article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi on choosing the right career path. Why career management is so important while working for your goals in a corporate house? It’s ironic that Career management helps in creating targets that are practical and highly difficult to achieve. Another article based on the Minimum wages in Canada, and how to survive on the minimum wages in an expensive country like Canada. What is takes to build a stronger tax system in Canada and advantages of a good tax system over many other advantages of paying taxes regularly. What is digital currency and bitcoins and their role in the Canadian economy. How good it is for Fintech, i.e. financial technology aspects in Canada’s improving digital economy. Insurance industry is always on the boom in Canada, an article on Canada’s Insurance industry on Car insurance. What is the best ways for thanksgiving and 10 meaningful ways of thanksgiving?

An article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi, on choosing the right career pathway. The level of importance that is attached to choosing the right path and how to capitalize on that. Career is so important for everyone and for many it is the only lifeline. This is merely, because they live hand-to-mouth, without any business of their own, and survival is purely on the income in hand from Career. More particularly known as ‘Survival of the Fittest.’ Career management goals are the most valuable and hold huge levels of importance for the vision of future. The key lies in focus, having huge amounts of determination and above all the attitude to move forward for your goals.

Syed Mahmood Naqvi, the VP of MBE Inc.’s vision for success and his views on how to effectively use your Curriculum Vitae for your own good. He also is clear in his article that it’s about planning, innovation and ideas with a strategy for the future. Strategic action is the best action in terms of brainstorming your goals and which areas you can look forward in your career plans. Syed Alamdar Hussain, the Country Head of MBE Inc.’s article on living on minimum wages in Countries like Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Moreover, it’s an article that explains clearly the means of survival of the fittest in nations with a min. wage system. Minimum wages are the hourly wages according to the laws of the country and these are set according to the economic values. There are many considerations that are taken in place while deciding the minimum wages. These includes the fiscal policy, monetary values, GDP Per Capita, Total GDP and many other economic considerations including the rate of employment in a country. Living on minimum wages in vast land Canada can be a huge survival and needs the survival of the fittest and demands economical values and a saving point of view. Hence, the focus for individuals living on minimum wages should be to work maximum hours in a week that can increase their survival and means of survival. Apart from this bringing reductions in your housing costs can help you a great deal at the end of the month. Sharing your apartment or home with a roommate or a house mate will certainly not destroy you if you have a job crisis. Similarly, making survival with a saving point of view and selling anything you don’t need will surely be an advantage for your survival in minimum wages countries. Most countries with an hourly minimum wages are very expensive nations. These includes United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia being the top three.

An insurance article for higher savings on the Car insurance is more sort of a marketing article. Celebrating the new season on Car insurance is a huge plus regarding the financial prospects? Car insurance is a must in Canada, i.e. you got to have car insurance before you get on the highway. There are a variety of different policies attached with car insurance that includes third party insurance as well. The affordability of an individual highly counts in this regards.

Canada, a country that is 2nd largest in the world after Russia w.r.t the covered area and largest country in the continent North America. The country is highly blessed in terms of forests, landscapes, marine life i.e. Sea life and economic values. It comes in top ten in list of travel destinations, and also is one of the top ten nations in Total GDP. Thanksgiving Day is a day for the citizens of Canada & its nationals that are thankful to live, survive and struggle in Canada every day. The article in MBE Business magazine shows meaningful ways of celebrating the Thanksgiving Day in Canada with huge affection and love for people of Canada.

Finally, an article that shows profile of the top ten cities in Italy w.r.t. the beauty of cities and there natural beauty. These countries includes Verona, Venice, Bologna, Rome, Naples, Florence, Lecce, Luca, Pisa and Perugia. Italy, is truly one of the most beautiful countries in the world and is highly known because of its rich architecture, landscapes, and metropolitan cities like Rome and Milan. These are center of finance & commerce, fashion & trade and highly recognized in the international arena.

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