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ISSUE 44 | JUNE 2018

Issue#44, one of the most important issues released in the year 2018 with the Cover page emphasizing the Canada Day importance. Also includes articles of immense importance on variable topics of discussion. These topics includes customer service and service excellence, the importance of cashless convenience stores, and great jobs for introverts.

A management article from President/CEO MBE Group, Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi on a leader’s way to live a happy life. The article is a key one that determines the leadership challenges, motivation and how to deal with issues of team motivation, team working, strategy, vision, goal and management. A leader’s vision towards a happy life means a lot in terms of many attributes i.e. staying focused, honesty, being real, having an agenda plan, and being positive.

A news article for Space X, a dragon mission to space station. It’s a technology article focusing on space sciences. Inside the spacecraft sharing the engineering dynamics and elements that holds priorities for future space research.

Syed Mahmood Naqvi Vice President of MBE Group’s distinguished views on effective communication and importance of effective communication in the professional world. The importance of communication and different tools of communication bringing excellence to corporate intelligence. An article from The Country Head of MBE Group and his thoughts on How to become a good listener. The importance of listening and developing listening skills in the real corporate world is indeed an effective attribute. It helps indeed in corporate communications in presentations, bringing excellence to customer service and an attitude of listening others while being thought provoking. Why listening holds so much importance in the modern business world and to bring corporate excellence in dealings. A high-quality listening bring positive results, however, it takes an awareness of how much people needs to be listened to, also time and practice.

An article from the Northern Financial Groups regards to employee performance and productivity. This is true that happy and healthy employees will equal better productivity. The benefits to employees’ i.e. monthly benefits starting from originally $30/month. How far you think that more sales is the first step to gain more in terms of profitability. Northern Financial Group is highly proactive in measuring the amount of benefits associated with employees.

Opticians hold immense amount of importance for many people, especially those having eye sight issues and for those as well who are fans of sun glasses. An article that is very helpful in terms of a guide for people who want sunglasses according to their eye sights and those as well who are dark glasses fans. The article holds vital tips of starting your own eye glasses business with a reputable chain. An industry that is excelling every day and been a huge edge in the dynamic business world. Key contents in terms of starting an eyewear business, designer glasses, taking an advantage of brand equality, and how to gain the marketing advantage. There are immense amount of benefits associated with sun glasses that includes UV protection, Prevent Cataracts, and preventing surfer’s eye.

A focused article on Customer service and knowing your customers with a better perspective. What efforts have you made to understand your customer in a much better way? Customer relationship management i.e. CRM is a system of maintaining customer records, their likes and dislikes and managing their feedback in a highly synchronized way. What are the ways in which you can understand your customers in a better and more proper ways? Why achieving customer satisfaction is so important in the business world, especially in those businesses where customers are the point of focus. Achieving customer satisfaction online and in other ways is more important as customer satisfaction is directly related to improving sales figures.

The future of shopping has many distinctions, and is cashier less convenience stores the future in the modern shopping environment. Now you don’t need anyone to take your payment as you can scan the barcode and move along nicely instore while paying without any human involvement. Limiting human involvement means the world is getting more synchronized in terms of fast operations and improved shopping experience. Also includes ease of use of facilities and services of a modern retail environment.

Tourism and Hospitality industry is getting better every day with the privileges, offers and benefits provided by Choice Hotel Canada. Take advantage of Hotel rewards and loyalty programs and make your travel a hassle free and tension free one with stay in Choice Hotels Canada. Working while having fun is the modern corporate law. The article holds huge value in terms of employee behaviors and how they can work while having fun. ‘All work & no play, Makes Jack a Dull Boy’, a saying that holds value at work for having fun and working simultaneously the same time. Planning outings, employee happiness budget, having games and competitive activities and themed days are all the themes of having fun at work. Working professionally is important at the same time bringing out the creativity from the employees minds needs fun-filled approach. This is something of a similar environment in Face Book, Google and many organizations that needs creativity as the key to cater many things.

Using Chrome remote desktop for business provides remote assistance and a huge lift for operations in business world. It provides mobile access that is a key feature in search engine.

Finally, an article with tips on how you can improve your business blog, with digital marketing.

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