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ISSUE 45 | SEPT 2018

Issue#45, a vital issue with key significance articles including the cover caption moving to Canada. What steps needs to be taken while moving to Canada and what it takes in terms of efforts.

A success article from Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi on the importance of success. For Success always surround yourself with the right people as it is important for a person to surround with key people while knowing exactly what success is. In his 22 years in Canada, Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi has been with people from various different professions and different countries. His belief that success comes from your attitude with people and especially the right people is evident in his life journey. Spending your time with the right people at the right time and place is a key attribute in his journey of life.

Another motivational and impactful article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi, Vice President of the MBE Group. ‘Face the challenges’, as the title clearly signifies how important is facing real life challenges and what it takes in a corporate professional environment to face the challenges of the work place. Work Place issues and challenges have been a critical part of the work culture and a corporate environment. The article signifies on “What exactly a challenge IS?” Something, that is difficult to achieve but still holds values and determination to be achieved as it has rewards associated with it.

A management article from Syed Alamdar Hussain, Country Head of The MBE Group. The holidays are necessary to live longer, the article’s importance regards to holidays and why holidays are important for an employee to take a break and relax mentally. Relaxation is how the stress levels are dramatically reduced. Other factors includes how holidays improves the levels of concentration. It automatically increases the job satisfaction levels and why job satisfaction is the key. The rest of the two factors are how holidays improves the family values and also the health.

A profile of Nasira Rizvi, Barrister and Solicitor based in Canada and deals in various different disputes. The variable number of cases she takes includes immigration and refugee law, family law, tax disputes, criminal defense, civil and commercial litigation and many other services provided.

An informative article on Artificial intelligence and its applications in the IT industry in Canada. How important is Data protection and what are the data protection laws that protect data from being hacked? PCI compliance or Payment Card industry, what are the laws associated with Data Protection, PCI and Identity Theft. Some of the security features includes encryption e.g. HIPAA and PCI.

Part of the management issues is Supply chain, that is been discussed in The MBE Business Magazine Issue # 45. What are the most common supply chain cost increase issues and how they can be encountered? Inventory and Freight costs. How to reduce inventory costs and freight costs for saving supply chain costs and increasing the profitability aspects.

The Biography of Tony Elenis, President and CEO of The Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association also known as ORHMA. His role in ORHMA and his contributions for the Hotel Industry are highly recognized as being prestigious for Canada.

Social media holds huge prospects in the distinguished field of IT known as digital media. The article on social media is to show the importance of video apps and the apps are Canva, Spark Video, Crello, Lumen5 and Quik. How to revolutionize your social media posts and bring enhancements in the display quality of these posts. As social media and social media marketing has increased with the launch of the most popular social media, i.e. The Facebook, in 2007. The culture is simple, that marketing effects needs to be enhanced for the sake of bringing the right intensity in social media marketing.

The magazine highly focuses on employee issues in organizations and the Key question is Does Your Company has a Wage Gap problem? Another question is that are highly qualified individuals making more money than those who are less qualified, and WHY? The article relates mainly regards to issues of rewards and awards in an organization and why rewards are important for motivational reasons.

How to have the Canadian experience and ways to find a job in Canada. An immigration article, also mentioned on the cover page is a demonstration of the fact that what it takes to move to Canada?

The importance levels associated with CSR or Corporate Social responsibility, being the key in determining why CSR values hold key while an organization moves forward. The environmental culture is highly linked up with CSR values that includes Green practices and the importance of having a Green culture. What are the ways to practice CSR and what corporate edge it gives to successful businesses and MNC’s? Green practices are all part of the corporate social responsibility elements and holds high significance for sustainability reasons of a company. An organization is based on some building blocks and CSR holds them tightly.

A ‘JV’ i.e. Joint Venture between Fintech Select and RMA Canada is for the deployment of its POS cryptocurrency. This is saturated across more than 100,000 locations only in Canada. The ultimate goal relates to mega expansion plans in Canada and the USA. MBE Core business solutions includes MBBP/RMA and Mansoor Naqvi Team and The Royal LePage. Both companies from the MBE Group are part of the merged services from RMA and Royal LePage.

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