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ISSUE 46 | OCT 2018

Issue #46, the Cover page with Data Breach as the main topic of focus. How to deal with issues of customer’s protection from Data breach and identity theft. The magazine is vitally focused on management articles and tips for better management through art and importance of presentation. Why attitudes matter in a professional environment and motivation secrets that holds importance in challenging situations. Artificial importance and how health benefits do equals healthy profits. Ways to achieve money-free money status, an article that is vital in terms of cash free money status and reliable resources. Article for the retail industry that relates to Calgary Co-op stores, situated ideally in busy city of Calgary and the concept of Co-operative stores with major facilities available for the consumers. How insurance fits your life for moving ahead and ways in which insurance is fully involved as part of the life style. The importance of insurance protection and travel insurance. The magazine further consists an article related to the food industry, i.e. fast food chains and the rising meat prices. It also includes aspects related to a clean health environment and humanitarian concepts that are important for a fast food chain.

A management article from Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, CEO & President of The MBE Group, and his ideas on the importance of presentation. A presentation holds key importance professionally as well as academically and shows the skills of a person while demonstrating his ideas for a certain topic or agenda of discussion. There are many types and attitudes that relates to a presentation including the classroom presentation, verbal practice makes perfect, communicating eye to eye, pause when you speak and bringing variations in your voice. Another management article of huge importance is from Vice President of MBE Group, on the key topic of attitude and why attitude is everything? How a positive attitude can change your behavior and your insights with key aspects i.e. commitment, creativity, co-operation, tolerance, empathy, confidence, curiosity and interest. Why a positive attitude is a matter of great importance, and how can it completely change a person’s mind frame and his attitude towards life.

Issue#46, includes an advert for MBE Accounting identifying the services that are provided by MBE Accounting being a key part of The MBE Group. The services includes Book keeping, PTR, Payroll Service, Finance, Accounting & Taxation, Audit and Assurance, All GOVT. Remittances Filed, HST, WSIB & Payroll deductions, Guaranteed Tax solution, To Provide You Maximum Refund, Financial Forecasting & Budgeting, & finally Entrepreneur & Investment Consulting.

A management article from Syed Alamdar Hussain on the secrets of motivation that will inspire the employees. Why motivation is important while on the success ladder or the pathway of success and how to use motivation to move forward. What matters is individual attention, how environmental motivators can make or break you and how socialization can make you more committed towards your agendas. How can you use motivation to increase your appeal, minimizing your turnover rate? Healthier employees have better job performance that is evident in their lives through increasing the motivational aspects.

An advert for MBE ATM on how to make your business more appealing. Know more regards to the placement of ATM in a business i.e. partial placement, full placement and ISO Program.

The changes that are evident through Artificial intelligence and How Artificial intelligence has changed the way human interact with machines. Making maximum use of the Hotel loyalty program, and ways in which it can bring enhancements in your business trip. How can you pick the best loyalty program? A question that is asked by many customers. Choice Hotels Canada providing its customers with the best perks available and the loyalty programs that are of maximum advantage for the customers and their business loyalty aspects. Customer loyalty is always improved while making the best possible use of loyalty programs for more mature developments.

An article on How Insurance fits your life with personal lines insurance protection for RMA/MBBP members and their families. Auto, Home and Travel being the three major insurances in Canada, and the ones that are most essential in terms of usage and application.

The Canadian financial services providing credit card with lower card fees. Credit cards are a huge advantage in the Canadian retail market, and all the stores that are linked up with CCSA or Canadian Convenience Stores Association.

An article that holds huge values for corporates in terms of the strategies for organizational behavior and change. Ways to create a healthier workplace is the necessity of the hour as workplace ethics holds key aspects of change for the betterment of the workplace. The four ways of creating a better workplace for your employees includes, incorporate biophillic design, encourage movement breaks, offer healthier food options, and finally, Do your part as the employer.

Ways in which one can become a CIO or a CTO, a Chief Information Officer or a Chief Technology Officer. An article demonstrating the technical or industrial knowledge to become a CIO or A CTO in the era that is competitive in terms of the role. What’s more important apart from the qualification is the ambition and drive to succeed as a CIO or a CTO in the world of Technology and management.

An article on communication and how open communication can make female leaders more effective. Effective communication is the key for success for both genders.

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