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ISSUE 48 | FEB 2019

Issue #48, a vital issue for MBE Business Magazine signifying the importance and role of relationships in success. Management articles that are actually a solution provider in terms of having an improved and satisfactory corporate life. The magazine shows an absolutely optimistic attitude for the development and application of motivation and change management.

A management article from Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, the Director and CEO of the MBE Group. The article signifies the Significant Role of Relationships in success. How relationships can change your boundaries of success as building a trust path with someone can be beneficial for your sustainable goals. The talent hunt needs nothing but having a powerful insight on what exactly you are looking for and how you can achieve that. The importance of having smooth relationships in the real world, and how good they can prove if you are an entrepreneur.

Another management article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi, the Vice President of the MBE Group, emphasizing his importance on the attitude of Time management. Time management holds vital importance in a corporate culture as environment matters when you are working for a professional organization. The importance & significance of Time Management holds highly professional priorities in a corporate culture. It gives an individual a planning forward platform and a professional attitude towards achieving the goals step-wise.

‘WHAT IS FREEDOM’, an article from Syed Alamdar Hussain, Country Head MBE Group of Companies on what is Freedom and how Freedom is achieved in the real world? Freedom of expression and Freedom of Speech holds huge values for those who love freedom and want to involve themselves with their goals in a free manner. It’s the right of every individual to have their opinion and opinion matters deeply for positive reasons. Freedom includes Freedom of press, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, & finally freedom of speech. A free attitude gives an individual the right to explore, evaluate and understand things with a closer and a much wider perspective.

Engaging the employees with fruitful tasks management and how to cluster the tasks effectively. Finding out the most effective ways of managing tasks with co-operation and alliance. Team work holds huge importance in managing tasks with a positive perspective for development of goals. Why strategy is important for the employee engagement and a positive work flow.

Canada is full of business opportunities that are highly prestigious for a peaceful business environment and positive corporate settings. An article that demonstrates 5 things that Canadian business owners need to know before making business expansions and going global with their businesses. Globalization holds challenges that can get bigger with time and need deep insights and analysis. It is the concern of the modern corporate world, How to expand globally with a positive mindset. What companies needs to do is smart networking and proper utilization of the resources.

Canada’s retail sector is on the boom every day and is filled up with creative ideas and deliverables that are par excellence. Part of that includes steps towards running a successful snack category. The key features to this are discussed in the article with deeper insights i.e. adapt to change, invest in efficiency, Get in the zone, trying something new and innovative, stocking up and partner up.

Another article on the retail industry as 7 Eleven becomes the first convenience retailer chain to accept AliPay and WeChat Pay. Ali pay part of the Ali Baba group for digital payments.

What is merchandising and the difference it holds in the marketing and advertising industry. Its impacts are more distinguished for the boosting of sales. If you are merchandising to boost up sales fast, you just need to have a creative thought process regards to the product portfolio and brand awareness.

The automobile industry is one of the most lucrative and profitable industries in Canada and holds huge amount of consumer involvement. The Chinese buyers have got a hate with new car smell and Ford’s eliminating this smell. The new innovation is according to what the consumer needs are and how these needs can be matched. Job of a Ford smeller can actually be an ideal one, as eliminating the smell has been the core agenda with Ford.

A very key article that covers cybercrime and what actually cyber security is? The biggest security threats in the cyber world and how possibly these threats can be filtered. Who are cyber criminals and their motives behind a certain hacking or cybercrime activity? The risks associated with the internet and how Unsafe it can get are the aspects that needs vital considerations for future analysis. The biggest security threats includes phishing e-mails and social engineering attacks, and Distributed denials of service attacks.

The concept behind Convenience stores in Canada and How Jubilee Junction convenience standout from the rest of them. Making sure that the attitudes of customers and their satisfaction levels stays at a decent level. It revolves around the concept of the convenience store just for the sake of customers and their ease of use.

How Instagram is a step forward in the game changing for restaurants and hotels. It’s not only about marketing, it’s about being constantly in the eyes of the consumers and knowing their likes and dislikes regards to the food and restaurants. The true identifier of the consumer behavior, Instagram is excelling every day in the restaurant and hotel business.

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