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ISSUE 49 | APR 2019

The acquisition news of Senator Hotel Timmins being the hot news in Issue#49 of MBE Business Magazine. Also includes articles on the shipping costs and big brand names providing solutions in form of reusable containers. Why the consumers are willing to pay more for clean food & Beverages?

The acquisition news of the Senator Hotel in Timmins by CEO& President Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi is one of the biggest news in the Hotel industry, and holds huge prospects for the MBE Group. Under the new management of MBE and some seasoned team of executives, the Senator Hotel will definitely thrive to achieve new heights and touch peaks of the hospitality industry. Senator Hotel located in the heart of Timmins is a conference hotel that can hold many guests at a time. It is one of the most lavish hotels and is a treat for the rich executives and business associates coming to Timmins for the sake of business.

“Success Doesn’t Cost a Million Dollars”, the catch phrase for the biography advert for Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi whose autobiography is coming soon. A biography that will be a huge lesson for those who want to work for themselves as an entrepreneur and start their entrepreneurial career. An autobiography on the struggles of Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi who acquired Coffee Time, a Coffee shop and then slowly and gradually changed his business ideologies as an entrepreneur.

A management article from The Vice President of The MBE Group, Smart work or hard work. An article that is the key while balancing the smart work and hard work and how to find this ideal balance in the corporate professional world. Corporate professional world is full of challenges and combatting these challenges is itself a huge challenge for executives. Every day, executives face challenging issues that they have to combat to move ahead with an aligned strategy.

A management article from Syed Alamdar Hussain, Country Head MBE Group on The importance of patience at the work place. The workplace ethics and workplace regulations are a key aspect in all the business regulations and organizational behavior. Patience is a heavenly rule not only at the workplace, but it is important in every day-to-day practice.

The key ingredients of healthy snacking and cracking the code on healthy snacking at C-stores. Snacking is highly prestigious and holds rich elements of safe and healthy eating with limited calories for the sake of encountering health issues. The education sector in Canada is highly advanced and focused especially regards to the work place environment ethics. The New McGill School of retail will help a great deal in tackling the challenges of retail in Grocery. The Bensadoun School of Retail Management will be covering the key areas that included sustainable consumption.

Yet another article on Food industry and consumption. How sustainability, health and convenience will drive the food & drink trends in the year 2019. How people, especially regular consumers will be adopting to change management policies and principles for the sake of sustainable consumption of food, and elevated convenience.

An article on health and fitness demonstrating the Power of portion balance. Portion balance is the new trend and what can be done to improve the portion balance. Improving the portion balance not only is good for the health, but it’s the new trend that is overwhelmingly practiced in Canada and USA.

Sustainable developments is the topic of huge concern and needs special attention for many reasons. What needs to be known before switching to biodegradable plastic and is it worth the investment? Issue # 49, holds this informative article, structured in a QA format for the best knowledge of consumers and what needs doing. Understanding the biodegradable vs Conventional plastics, there can be many reasons worth mentioning for switching to bio plastic known as biodegradable plastics. Finally, what needs to be known as reasons for switching to biodegradable plastic? Another significant and impactful change in the waste management is how big brands and big names try reusable containers for increasing the reusability and efficiency aspects.

An advert for MBE Accounting, showing true aspects to its clients in the business world. The services that are being provided by MBE Accounting includes Bookkeeping, PTR Service, Payroll Service, Finance, Account & Taxation, Audit & Assurance, All Govt. remittances filed, HST, WSIB & Payroll deductions, Guaranteed Tax solution, Providing you maximum refund, Financial Forecast & budgeting and finally entrepreneurial & Investment consulting. MBE Accounting is growing every day in clients and customers and making a difference that is highly impactful for future business prospects.

An announcement Add in the Financial Technology industry, with Fintech Select and RMA Canada making a partnership in form of a JV or Joint Venture. Selectcoin Crypto-Currency solution is a card-based digital wallet solution. An innovation in the Financial Technology. Another informative article from the Information technology and digital media platforms. The serious benefits associated with the hosting of your website in Canada. These benefits are in form of website hosting, Privacy, Security, & SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Some more benefits includes improved performance and pricing strategies on a much improved scale.

E-Shipper, one of the global shipping companies is also one of the benefit stakeholders with MBBP/RMA. The article is based on five factors that affect the shipping costs and how they can reduce them. These factors are Package dimensions and weight, distance, Tracking & insurance, customs & duties and finally handling.

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