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ISSUE 50 | JUNE 2019

Magazine Issue#50, the Autobiography of Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, and a man who showed what it takes to become a self-made entrepreneur. The CEO& Director of MBE Group’s article on secrets of success. His own experience on what success is? And the challenges in the pathway of success. The importance of passion when starting a business & Management article from Syed Alamdar Hussain on becoming a morning person from being a Night owl. An article on carbon tax load and Canada day article 2019, and its due importance for Canada. Loyalty programs for a stable tobacco consumer higher wages, cheaper gas and highly effective loyalty programs. The exhibitions and conferences taking place in Canada, and the ways in which conferences are a value addition to the economic values in Canada. President and CEO MBE Group’s article on secrets of success and what holds the key for a successful life style. Success has many values and forms, but the key is just one and holds high tides for the people who work hard for success.

A management article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi on the importance of passion when starting a business. A new business can be highly challenging and takes a lot of struggle in the initial phases. Being passionate about your new business will always make you work hard for your goals. It’s like taking measured steps towards your goals and taking all the necessary precautions that are needed while you reach there.

An article from The Country Head Syed Alamdar Hussain on how a night owl can become a morning person. How to plan your morning before the start of the day?, Use the night for its true purpose and rest and handling the hangovers the proper way. Morning is the best time when a person can make the best use of the day and work hard for the rest of the day. It’s all about the utilization of time and making best use of the time for aligning your goals properly. A fresh start is always good for successful options for the rest of the day.

An advert from the Royal LePage and The Mansoor Naqvi Team about The Canvas, i.e. property that will suit your standards of livings in the best possible manner.

MBE Group is serving Canada since the year 1995 and is proudly associated with The Canada day as being a key day in Canadian history. Saving energy holds important values for people’s survival in the Canadian economy. An article on the Top Ten tips for saving the electricity in future includes study you current electricity usage, switching to LED from regular light bulbs, and keeping light fixtures free of dust. Some of the other tips also includes refrigeration efficiency, closing front doors and looking for energy star certification appliances.

The Circle K Rebranding Efforts has neared 5000 stores across the province of North America. This rebranding is a high necessity as well as key part of the branding strategies in Canada.

Dollarama, a retail outlet is washing and monitoring prices more closely as they look for ways to grow the foot traffic in store. Part of the Food Health and safety, the Canadian low-calorie Ice cream craze has hit Canada. The ice-cream is just 320 calories and is ideally fit for those who prefer to have a heathy and fit diet i.e. lesser in calories and being delicious at the same time.

When implementing the self-scanning procedures there are certain challenges that needs to be taken into consideration. These procedures for self-scanning includes the benefits of self-scanning, the adoption rates and challenges of self-scanning procedures.

Tomorrow’s shopper is an article that highlights the consumer’s trend on online shopping for Grocery. It shows the five trends that will shape the grocery in the future, and the way retailers can respond to these shifts today. The dynamic response also known as the consumer’s behavior towards a certain brand or online shopping in general. Some of these trends and the technology will influence their shopping trips, a lot more focus on the health, and finally they would need speed and convenience. As part of the fashion or market trends what needs to be analyzed is different behaviors in variable conditions. Finally, part of the trends is that they will be more conscious in terms of the environment while shopping for their most desirable grocery items.

Bringing you closer to The Canadian nationality and immigration, the Super Visa Insurance. The insurance coverage requirement is more important as a result of the high cost of the Canadian medical care. The coverage provided by Super Visa insurance covers are: emergency medical attention, emergency dental treatment, expenses related to death, emergency medical return home. Also includes as part of the coverage are additional expenses for meals and hotels, visit to bedside if travelling alone, childcare expenses, coverage for paramedical services, return for children and ambulance transportation.

An advert for Royal LePage and The Mansoor Naqvi Team demonstrating exceptional Real estate services. A wide array of investment opportunities showing the capacities of the Mansoor Naqvi Team. The CEO& Director Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi himself being Broker of record Royal LePage. An article on Food industry with the New Platform lets local food brands and the grocers sell online. Small food businesses, a step taken by SPUD i.e. Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery, making the delivery sustainable as well as convenient for both consumers and the distributors.

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