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ISSUE 51 | AUG 2019

Issue # 51, holds higher amounts of importance and values in terms of the evacuation activities that took place in Senator Hotel Timmins as well as the profile of Royal LePage, one of the biggest Real Estate firms in Canada. Also, holds an interview with a distinguished Canadian entrepreneur Shiva Kandiah from the Royal Brokers Corporation. Some key articles on Fintech, i.e. ATM and POS and the factors that determine digital media. Articles on Success and how to maintain a healthy working relationship in a corporation, something that is a key focus and a primary focus on the Organizational culture.

A key article from Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, on the practices of success and Work life balance. How to find the balance in life & work is an issue of the modern world as it is important to attain a balance for effective work at the client’s end as well as your workplace. This article from CEO & President of The MBE Group holds significant priorities of growth with a positive organizational culture. An organizational culture is valuable for the growth of a company as well as the success of the employees. It is worth considering every day, as Work Life balance gives you the energy to work whole week with concentration and giving significance to key attributes.

The Autobiography add, with the catch phrase “Earning Money from Scratch and Be a Self-made man”, highly shows, How important it is to know for the success values and life of Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, The CEO & President of The MBE Group. His struggles in life and in Canada while establishing his own business in Canada and moving along with the responsibilities of The MBE Group. How healthy working relationship with sub-ordinates is important to manage a win-win situation? Healthy working relationships in the workplace are some of the key attributes of attaining a positive organizational culture. These includes training and development, presentation, working in Teams and how to move with passion of success along with the critical success factors. How important is managing conflicts in a team environment, and managing yourself in a healthy working environment for company’s goals and agendas.

An article from the Vice President of MBE Group, Syed Mahmood Naqvi on Effective Leadership. What makes effective leadership more effective in terms of the leadership style?, leading by example, and how to communicate in the best way with team members, mobilizing the team, sharing & delegating of tasks effectively and in more concrete ways.

Sharing of the news with all the leaders, a key news, i.e. Acquisition news of Algonquin Inn. A beautifully located Holiday resort near Oxtongue Lake and Wildlife Park which is a favorite destination for many people all over Canada.

An interview with Shiva Kandiah, from the Royal Brokers Corporation. The interview is a key highlight of his struggles in the insurance industry and a brief background of himself. How he started his insurance career? And the breakthroughs he achieved while moving along in his career growth. The early struggles he faced in his insurance career, and his progression towards his success agendas. What were the key to his success in the insurance industry and how consistence has given him the ultimate edge in life? What’s the best advice for youngsters? And what they can do to achieve their milestones of success in the insurance industry? The importance of insurance in Canada and advice for people who don’t understand insurance. The dependencies of economy on the insurance sector in Canada, and what makes people powerful in the sector.

An article on MBE ATM, “The Impact of MBE ATMs, Its Benefits To Clients & The Future Ahead”, the article that shows true values related to MBE ATM in the MBE Group, and what values it holds for the clients.

An ATM advert that relates to MBE ATM and what are their offers for clients. Learn more aspects that relates to partial placement, Full placement and ISO Program. How to get yourself in the extra earnings bracket as a MBE ATM client.

A knowledge article on MBE POS, the Point of Sale for card payments processing. It’s a complete solution provider for your business & transaction needs in the POS industry. MBE POS solutions that are outstanding in terms of sales aspects and payment processing.

A brief biography of Philip Soper, the President and CEO Royal LePage and Brookfield Real Estate Services Inc. He is one of the key players in Royal LePage and the article is a brief shadow of Philip Soper’s accomplishments in the Real Estate industry Canada.

An advert of the Mobile App from MBBP/RMA with a catchphrase “Where Benefits Meet Rewards”. Key features includes fast updates with new deals that brings the consumer closer to their needs.

An article on Digital Media, The Key Factors that determines digital marketing as a dynamic tool of E-commerce. What surrounds the digital marketing cloud, with SEO, Video, Mobile and Tablet, ROI, SEM, Pay per click, Content and Social media. One of the most dynamic tools in the world of social media is Facebook & how Facebook is developing itself for interesting features every day.

A highly informative article on Timmins Preventive evacuation procedures and How Senator Hotel is playing its role significantly? A key advert on MBE Accounting and services offered in terms of book keeping. Also includes PTR & CTR, as low as $20 & $150.

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