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ISSUE 52 | OCT 2019

‘Issue #52’, another interesting issue full of knowledge outcomes on the special occasion of Happy Thanks Giving. The Issue is filled with articles full of motivation and knowledge of financial Technology in the competitive world of business. The advertisement related to The Autobiography of Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, the man of great principles and the owner and President of The MBE Group. Articles on his idea of “What Success is & Key Success Factors.”

The secrets of success, a Management article from Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, President & CEO of MBE Group, defining the values that relates to success. The article defines the critical success factors that are needed to move ahead in the dynamic business world. There is no such recipe for success, however, there needs to be a definite attitude that counts and includes hard work for success. According to President Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, Success in the corporate world is not easy, until a person knows how to achieve his goals in life.

Another management article from Syed Alamdar Hussain, The Country Head of MBE is regarding the Beauty of A person that is temporary, while personality is permanent & everlasting. What aspects are important in defining the everlasting impacts? Is the key motive of the article? How personality management can be a huge influence in determining key facts and figures that are important in a corporate world, apart from the knowledge.

The importance of a passion and a positive attitude while starting a business, a management article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi, Vice President MBE Group. Being passionate and being positive is what is needed more to excel while establishing your own business.

The acquisition news of Algonquin Inn Lakeside View by The MBE Group is a huge news for MBE as they already launched in the hospitality industry with the acquisition of Senator Hotel in Timmins. Algonquin Inn Lakeside View is an ideally located holiday destination for people from all over Canada & coming to Algonquin Inn for their holidays.

An article on Talech Point of Sale Systems, an innovation in POS Technology in Canada delivering all frontiers. POS Technology is all about customer service at its best, with a customer driven approach.

The Tourism Summit of Northern Ontario is taking place in Senator Hotel Timmins. It is a Summit of its kind in Northern Ontario in Timmins and aims for the promotion of Tourism industry in Canada. It’s a huge country with many places that are worthwhile for the Tourism industry and tourists from all across the globe. The Summit is a step towards the country’s vision for tourism sector and how possibly can that vision be enhanced for better future prospects.

The MBE ATM add, showing key features for business owners to enhance and improve their foot traffic. Startup businesses are on the move in the year 2019, and there are many startup ideas that can be considered for self-employed business in the same year. The idea of a fresh startup business must also revolve around profitability and how to improve profitability aspects. Improving and maintaining profitability is a must while starting up a new startup business.

A profile Summary of The Canadian ‘Warren Buffet’ called Jim Patterson, the man who is able to make a big name in the Canadian stock market business. He was appointed the Order of Canada in 1987, and the Order of British Columbia in the year 1990. Jim Pattison is the third richest Canadian in the country and is progressing very fast in the business sector in Canada.

Choice Hotels Canada, a RMA/MBBP stakeholder, the advert that shows how easy it is to travel and reap the benefits of travelling & staying in Choice Hotels, with RMA/MBBP discounts. A world of benefits for the members, especially with mouthwatering offers for your holidays, spending Christmas and having the best of time on your honey moon.

An article on Employee motivation and employee empowerment showing the importance levels attached to employees. An article on Financial Technology, also known as Fintech, on the struggle between big banks and ways to modernize the financial services. A huge step towards financial sustainability and making waves of change into Fintech.

Another article on the Topic of business & finance, covering Mortgage Insurance. The article is a detailed one which shows the value of mortgage insurance and protection.

The planning for Enterprise 5G, an article on Telecom and mobile services showing what is the need for 5G ?, where and when can we get it from ?, the performance levels associated with 5G ? And finally the costs associated with 5G? The next step in Technology and innovation in the telecom sector Canada. The four questions that the buyers need to ask service providers or resellers when evaluating the 5G services in Canada. These questions also relate to the sourcing and procurement of the 5G services.

An Article that is a good knowledge article for social media i.e. Instagram. The focus is why small Instagram influencers are much better for your business? Focusing the needs for social media marketing and how Instagram is playing a huge and significant role similar to the Facebook. A highly focused advertisement on The Real Estate, Royal LePage and The Mansoor Naqvi Team focusing on investment opportunities. A team of professionals that includes Syed Mansoor Naqvi, Syed Mahmood Naqvi, & Syed Hassan as key players in the Mansoor Naqvi Team merged with the Royal LePage.

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