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ISSUE 53 | DEC 2019

The MBE Business Magazine, ‘Issue # 53’ is after a series of issues from the Magazine with a complete focus of importance of a positive attitude for managers. It also includes articles that shows abilities of Positive business managers and what’s more important for the attitude.

The Launching of the autobiography of Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi that includes the story of all his struggles and challenges faced by The President & CEO of The MBE Group. His life in Canada after the acquisition of first Coffee time, and later acquiring all of them in Toronto. Achieving Fairness in Business is the attitude of positive leaders and entrepreneurs. The article from the Vice President MBE Group, Syed Mahmood Naqvi portrays the struggles of The MBE Group in achieving what they are today in the business world. Everything achieved through a fair attitude in business & the best practices of maintaining successful & fair business activities. Also includes key aspects of how to treat people in the best possible ways and what are the influences that holds importance for people management.

Country Head, Alamdar Hussain’s experience in the corporate world is shown clearly in his article, what are the abilities of Positive Managers? How attitudes matter in good leadership, and the importance of Positive organizational behaviors. What are the ways in which positive leaders can pursue excellence for achieving best results? Identification of the benefits associated with the real powers of positive thinking. How positive thinking is the best way managers can be impactful for future growth and vision for the company.

An interview from the CEO of Multi-risk insurance Bhupender Singh, a key person in the insurance industry in Canada. Multi-risk insurance is an insurance company that deals in Home, Auto and business insurance for clients all over North America, especially in Canada. As the name goes Multi-risk, the company specializes in risk management as insurance is all about minimizing risks associated in the insurance industry.

The Appreciation night is a dedicated night for the investors in Canada by the MBE Group. The event revolves around The Mansoor Naqvi Team & The Royal LePage, outlining the goals associated with the Investor’s night. A night that holds significant attributes for the MBE Group with expansion plans in the field of Investments & Real Estate in Canada.

The story of the owner of Fairfax Financial Holdings based in Canada, Mr Prem Wasta. The Canadian billionaire who is based in Toronto, Canada. Prem went to Richard Ivey School of business at the University of Western Ontario and earned an MBA degree. The article covers his story of how the company was formed by some entrepreneurs and what their vision was for the accomplishment of their goals and services.

An article on Immigration policies Canada covering the requirements & overview of the key findings. It also highlights the roles and responsibilities associated with CBSA, a body for the monitoring of immigration rules and regulations.

A digital media article covering How the Digital Age has changed marketing platforms for the consumers. The consumer’s psychology and attitude and how various digital media platforms are used in the vast Digital world.

Bioastra Technologies, the company that uses open innovation to help firms outsource R&D i.e. Research & Development. The CEO of Bioastra Technologies Sumitra Rajagopalan’s life and how she formed the company Bioastra. The interview is a demonstration of her achievements & how she formed the company while going on the pathway of accidental entrepreneurship.

The highlight of the MBE Business Magazine, ‘Issue #53’, being Happy Holidays- Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2020. The article focuses on happy New Year and Christmas, and how Christmas will be celebrated in Canada. A sacred festival for the Christians all over the world and what holds important for them in terms of religious and moral principles. Marks the birth of Jesus Christ, and is celebrated in form of a Christmas dinner, sharing of gifts and parties, and decorations in work places, public places & residential areas of the Christmas tree. In addition to these practices religious sermons are part of the norms & procedures that takes place in churches. Religious lectures and gatherings usually takes place on the Christmas and it is celebrated in form of a holiday on Christmas day, Christmas Eve and The New Year day.

An article on sustainable measures from the Food Industry, by Loblaw Companies Ltd. Galen Weston’s message to the Food industry laying significance that it’s the time to be serious on Sustainability and to take sustainable measures for the Food Industry in Canada. The industry holds key values of trust and Health & Safety measures for its product’s consumers. Loblaw is one of the big companies in Canada and is serious for positive efforts of sustainability and developments in food technology.

An article from Walmart Canada, a USA based Multinational Company which is a giant corporation in North America. Operates as ASDA, with headquarters in Leeds in The United Kingdom, the company has bigger plans for future than its competitors. The company expands its instacart grocery delivery, a step forward in online buying & selling measures and strategies.

Another article from the Food and Health Safety industry, signifying the rise in ‘Meat Reducers’ shaping the future of plant-based proteins. Based on the study from 1000 Canadians, on Plant-based proteins and shows how it is consumed in the final form.

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