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ISSUE 54 | FEB 2020

MBE Business Magazine Issue # 54 holds key objectives of success and how to manage success in future. Articles on various topics including the Real estate investments, and the Climate change movement, including the Noble Prize winner Greta Thunberg’s efforts for the Climate Change.

How the Swedish national’s attitude towards change has been phenomenal in form of a revolutionary movement for climate change. Customer service aspects attached to bringing fruitful dimensions in business and tips to increase these key aspects for future. Issue #54, the Pre-COVID-19 magazine also holds an interview with Sarmeen Akbar from CEO Atlas consulting. A huge figure for Atlas Consulting, a company that holds a mega profile in Canada.

An article on the topic of personal development & success, How to schedule Your Day? & Your Life from Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, CEO MBE Group of Companies. The importance of time management & scheduling has been highly signified by the CEO MBE Group in his article on success development agendas. Breaking your tasks into segments and achieving your targets for the day holds importance for a successful career development in terms of goals.

The Country Head of MBE Group, Syed Alamdar Hussain’s ideas on the importance of Work Life Balance, and its respectable role in life. What are the best ways to achieve Work Life balance? And ways to maintain both aspects for success in corporate life and a good family life? Values related to family life are vital in terms of prosperity and living a happy life, with key values that are attached with the family. Syed Alamdar Hussain’s personal experience of living a corporate life along with a family life, and balancing the equation is of huge paramount importance for his future goals.

Another key article from Management, Always Do Your Best? Is a motivational article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi, Vice President MBE Group of Companies? It holds key values of motivation, courage and enthusiasm at work and focus for your goals in your respective field or areas at work. A motivated attitude is primarily something that relates to divine powers, and helps in achieving what you are looking for to have a positive attitude.

Some key adverts in the magazine Issue for Real Estate relates to Kirkland Lake Hotel & Apartments, a property of Mansoor Naqvi Team & The Royal LePage. A key interview from consultant & CEO Atlas Consulting Sarmen Akbar highlights their goals for future regards to development levels achieved by Atlas Consulting. Atlas consulting is a Canada based mortgage consulting agency and brokerage firm. The firm deals in financing, residential mortgages, commercial mortgages & bank loans.

Greta Thunberg, the Swedish activist & Nobel Prize winner born in Stockholm, Sweden is a huge example due to her campaign for Climate Change. An article on Thunberg, paying tribute to her efforts in the area of climate change and how vital is change management for future business goals & developments. Just 17 years old, Greta Thunberg was born in Stockholm, Sweden and started her movement from school, with demonstration in front of the Swedish parliament at the age of 15. How important is the role of businesses in the fight against the climate change, and why climate change must be the agenda of the modern age.

An article on Property management & Real estate by Syed Hasan, the Royal Le Page Broker. The article identifies how to qualify a realtor for your next property transaction.

An article on Fintech, i.e. Financial Technology, with focus on ATM whether it’s a good idea for your business. Includes critical aspects related to increased foot traffic, increased sales, Customer Retention, Surcharge revenue, and reduced card fees. Customer retention aspects are key concerns for a client in an ATM business and brings an automatic increase in the foot traffic. It is also directly related to increased sales and increased sales values are most important for success in ATM business. Reduced card fees are also one of the key elements of success in the ATM business and bringing it to the next step.

An article on Valentine’s Day, and how to make it a memorable day. Why it holds priorities in Canada? It shows the attitude of people, especially the Canadian people, and why Valentine’s Day is important in the Western world. Also included in the article is the sacrifice made by St.

Valentine and his story that is most important for lovers from all over the world. Marked as the most romantic day in life of those who are married, or are in the bonding of love. An emotion that is by far the most important emotion, especially in Western world. The day is celebrated in Canada in form of dance parties, and singing competitions as well as get-to-gathers of youth. How important are the celebrations attached to 14th Feb, holds priorities with the Canadian culture and its significance.

The article on customer service and training tips is a vital article for values attached with customer service in terms of customer loyalty, and positive attitudes of the customers. Customer’s significance and behaviors are vital for a business growth and holds huge importance for a professional attitude in future. It is significant for creating a good rapport for positive business elements. Also relates higher values of change in terms of quality management & quality assurance aspects. The solution to all problems in the business world.

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