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ISSUE 55 | APR 2020

MBE Business Magazine, ‘ISSUE# 55’, a magazine with articles that relates to success & personal development as well as making realistic goals for future. It holds vital aspects with a vision for the strugglers in corporate world and ways in which they can motivate themselves for higher & superior targets.

In a target-oriented economy, it’s vital to make realistic goals & targets that are influence generators for the future development goals. Just like other issues, holds balanced content that revolves around almost all categories. These categories also include Current Affairs, and environmental, while making sure how environmental aspects plays its part in Canada to a huge extent.

Success is Life’s calculator, an article that is written by Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, President & CEO MBE Group and his visionary approach in life forward. An article that demonstrates the true meaning & power of success in and ways to avoid failures as moving along smoothly is made a realistic process for the future development goals.

Another article on success written by Vice President Syed Mahmood Naqvi, mentions the importance of Team work & success as a combination of both. Why Team work is highly critical in the modern corporate environment & organizational culture? Improving vital aspects related to Team Work and dedication for success in the real world.

The launching of Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi’s Autobiography as the CEO& President of MBE Group of Companies. A book that holds learning & development aspects for the readers in terms of the motivation, entrepreneurship and many other vital elements of raising your own company & your own business. A book that is a complete journey on life of Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi’s struggles and his pathway in Canada while growing this business to MBE Group of Companies.

Syed Alamdar Hussain, Country Head of MBE Group’s ideas clustered in form of an article on the motivation secrets to inspire your employees. Employee motivations is a necessity of the modern era, where it’s important to climb up the ladder with competition & setting up benchmarks. Citizenship & Immigration programs in Canada, an advert that holds importance for MBE in terms of vital consultancy aspects. The company provides consultancies and support for people who are willing to apply for Canada in immigration programs that suits them. The opportunities are always expanding in the Land of opportunities i.e. Canada.

As part of MBE’s high-profile interviews and contents the profile of Michael McCain the Maple Leaf Food CEO. An important profile as Maple Leaf is one of the big food companies in Canada and is growing up every day in terms of the deliverables and size. An article that is one of the most important for people with fresh business. Accounting challenges faced by startups and how they can deal with issues in their company. MBE Accounting is one of the experiences group from the MBE Group of companies & is growing everyday with experienced clientele and customer satisfaction aspects. Accounting challenges are faced every day in general when moving forward with fresh business, while getting sound knowledge and experience in more business dimensions. Fixing starting challenges can be a quick and good experience for companies to move forward and keep moving forward while understanding problem solving.

‘Issue#55’, holds deeper insights apart from problem solving issues regards to Top Jobs in Canada in 2020. 8 Jobs companies shall be looking forward in 2020, holds elements of success for job seekers and highlights key areas of growth and development for people to start their career with. A career development article that holds vitality for the new age and youth of Canada. Their job concerns can be resolved with strategic improvements towards their goals and how well they can cope up with the highly competent agendas. Identification of the areas makes things easier in the job search process and influence job research more closely.

An article that relates to the modern environmental hazard that usually takes place in North America and Australia is the wild fire. A history of the problems attached to the scenario in Australia and ways to overcome the problem with immediate effects. The Wild Fires can be controlled over the years, a scenario that is taking place since the indigenous people of Australia, the Aborigines who arrived in the most medieval times. Elements of change keep arriving in the Real estate sector in Canada. A sector that has been predictable with consistence especially in bigger cities like Toronto. The article shows the Canadian Housing market trends that are 2020 forecasts and is an article that holds vital aspects for the investors in Real Estate. The sector demands risk taking abilities, and what’s necessary to invest in the Real Estate sector in Canada. How boom i.e. rise in prices takes place and how these prices gets low is important to realize while making investments in the Real Estate sector in Canada. As Canada is a booming economy, the real estate sector is regarded as the key while making future investments.

As part of the Fintech, i.e. POS Technologies, Restaurant POS & its benefits associated to Clients is a demanding article that shows its advantages. All the good aspects that relates to the dynamic business owners in restaurant POS. Furthermore, how it holds benefits to clients who are linked deeply and financially with the POS industry. A unique and key business segment for MBE.

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