Wednesday, May 27, 2020

ISSUE 56 | JUNE 2020

POS Technology on Page #16. Awesome POS Offer."
Welcome to the 56th edition of MBE Business Magazine for the issue of June and July 2020. Summer is already started amid novel Corona Virus pandemic. In this issue we have covered articles related to Covid-19 and staying positive & safe during this outbreak. Our president Mr. Mansoor Naqvi has provided insights to stay positive during our fight against Corona Virus. Rainy days bring opportunities, so we have shared the information how businesses can survive during Covid-19, How Canadian Government is supporting the economy by providing loans to SMEs. Mr. David Mackereth, President Canimac Mangament Services Limited provided his outlook on Economy. We have covered two main events Good Friday and Easter in the following issue. Signifying the importance of taking things positively amid COVID-19. Major steps taken by the Canadian Govt. for short term loans and Wage Subsidy Program for COVID-19.

“How pandemics have been hurting the economies in past & causing fatalities- A History of COVID-19”


  1. POS Technology on Page #16. Awesome POS Offer.

  2. Purchasing a Pre-Construction home or Condo. Read at Page #22



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