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ISSUE 58 | OCT 2020

MBE Business Magazine October 2020 Issue is the 58th Issue of the Business magazine. The issue is one of the most acknowledged ones in terms of the business articles and management articles. It is equipped with articles that are related to the Pandemic COVID-19 and the management role regards to the situations faced during the pandemic.

A management article from Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi on leading your team into a post pandemic world is a highly influencing article by the CEO and President. It shows how to overcome the challenges after getting back to work from COVID-19, and how to lead your team dynamically. How to tackle with the human needs in the opening phase after getting back from 3-4 months of lockdown from COVID-19. Leading the team post pandemic era can be more challenging than leading while working from home. President MBE’s thoughts in the form of his writings and his leadership experience is a huge boost for MBE Inc. in future.

An article from an expert of the real estate markets in Canada, VP Syed Mahmood Naqvi and his prestigious thoughts. How the post-pandemic Canadian housing markets shall behave after getting back and the short-term effects. What will be the long term effects on the real estate as COVID-19 has already dented the Canadian housing sector in 2020.

An article from Country Head, Syed Alamdar Hussain on adapting drastic measures for a good night’s sleep. Why sleep is so important for a good corporate life and how to improve sleep with best tips and managing sleep. Sleeping habits matter most in the age of 9-5 working schedules and what’s the best ways to manage schedules every day. Making health priorities always triggers a sense of accomplishment and a positive attitude in an individual.

An article from Syed Hassan from the Royal LePage on The Effects of Pandemic on the Real Estate in Canada. The Canadian real estate sector has been on the suffering end similar to many other sectors that have not been able to recover. The Canadian Real Estate sector has a tendency to bounce back from situations that have been low. This is seen as a trend since last many years and has been found on a positive note. The tendency comes mainly due to the increase in migration levels that is expected post pandemic COVID-19.

Employment recovery in Canada post COVID-19 is yet another positive that has been seen after COVID-19. There were many losses that occurred, and the Canadian job sector is one of them, as it has witnessed many job losses during the pandemic COVID-19. There was a decline in the retail sector as far as employment analysis is considered. The only situation or element that needs to be blamed here is the occurring pandemic that caused those losses. It was the hardest hit sector in Canada and was deeply influenced by the effects of the pandemic. The recovery was seen in the month of June.

An article on business strategies and how to craft successful business strategies in the Post Pandemic world. A ‘Strategy’ is the way to encounter a certain situation or a thing that can get adverse or worse due to something extra ordinary. How to handle and confront new risks is vital part of the strategy to tackle situations related to COVID-19. What needs to be done in future, let’s say 10 years or 15 years’ time is something of a challenge that needs to be addressed? This is all part of the contingency measures that needs to be adopted for future.

Eating habits during COVID-19 needs to be changed as eating has a lot to do with improving your moods and lowering the stress levels? Good food habits is the best way to reduce anxiety and boosting immunity. How COVID-19 has affected the daily routines is something that needs tackling. As a matter of fact, variety in food in-take and different items helps in staying happy and feel good. What’s important is to make good food choices and stick to them in the longer run. Regular exercise also helps, as you should feel hungry to make hay while you have your favorite cuisines. Tourism industry is one of the most wanted sectors in Canada. Every year people come to visit the beautiful Canada from abroad. Those living in Canada also gets inspired by the beauty of Canada and its gorgeous landscapes. As the country is rich in culture, and gifted with some of the most beautiful natural landscapes. The Global sustainable Tourism Conference, taking place in British Columbia is one of the events dedicated to Tourism Industry. The conference will welcome many people from all over the world as speakers, and those who have useful suggestions for Tourism in Canada.

Another useful article on the way Coronavirus has changed the insurance sector in Canada. Insurance industry is highly influenced by changes that are witnessed in Canada and the entire world these days. However, insuring a pandemic can become harder as the risk level associated has location dependency. The changes dedicated to Coronavirus in the insurance industry also depends on travelling from one place to another, especially to high risk zones. As Canada imposed some strict restrictions due to COVID-19 on travelling outside Canada.

Immigration article covering immigration guidelines for PR applications in COVID-19. Some changes in the law due to the current Pandemic.

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