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ISSUE 59 | NOV 2020

Issue#59 of MBE Business magazine is an issue launched in the month of November in 2020. The issue signifies the importance of roles in management positions and issues related to resource management. Other articles included are related to immigration, digital marketing, and leadership in the age of COVID-19 and Tourism industry in Canada. How to use POS to increase your sales and an article related to environment, i.e. investing in Eco-systems.

A management article from Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi on the proper handling of resources while you are in a management position. The article signifies the importance of a management role and what are the roles of responsibilities while you handle resources. Handling the resources is mainly concerned with managing human resources and how human resources play a significant role for a company. The article is also a reflection of the President’s own thoughts on managing the human resources and why they play significant part for a company’s progress. HRM, the acronym for human resource management and its vital sustainability aspects needs more pondering and thought process than it seems. An organization is laid upon the people from different backgrounds and how they merge together to work for the writ of the company. Improving the resources with a QA or a quality assurance perspective is yet another display of character from the leadership. Success of an organization is totally dependent on the quality assurance measurements. Yet another significance in which attitudes matter the most from a regional development perspective. Hence, finally from profitability aspects it also holds huge importance as an organizational goal is to work for the sake of profitability aspects instead of just working without any defined goals.

An article on the real estate sector of Canada signifies the effects on the Real Estate property markets due to effects from COVID-19. How COVID-19 has affected the property markets and the challenges that have been faced due to the effects of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus. It has really impacted the real estate and has been a cause of lock downs and shutdowns lately. The impacts have mainly been due to work from home procedures and practice. Something that limited the use of offices for work and some people just paying rent for empty properties. There has been fears of a global recession and how these fears have affected the property business in Canada. The article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi, who is a property expert from Royal LePage and The Mansoor Naqvi Team, and has enough experience of dealing in the property markets in Canada. He also signifies the limitations for consumers in the retail markets and some positive changes in Govt’s policies i.e. CECRA. It is the acronym for Canadian Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance, and is for those people affected from COVID-19 and unable to pay their rent. The Govt. shall be paying to the eligible customers, 75% of re-imbursements and the rest of it will be paid by the consumers themselves. Something that is considered as a huge assistance or an aid by the Govt. regards to business property’s rent.

An article from Country Head, MBE Inc. Syed Alamdar Hussain on achieving a positive mindset for success. Success is something that can only be achieved with a positive mindset instead of a negative one. Your day should start with positive vibes and you must always look for your agendas while you lookout for success in the business world. Always focus on the good things, and you will be always tend to improve the poor and bad things around you. What’s necessary is the attitude for success, rather than working for success day and night. Finding humor in bad situations is an art of the most experienced players and they know how to deal with difficult situations. Always surround yourself with positive friends, mentors and Co-workers that will influence your life in a positive manner. Mannerism at the workplace is part of the organizational environmental aspect and makes a huge difference towards the company’s output.

Article on Tourism industry in MBE Business Magazine Issue#59, on developments for opening the Canada-USA border back as it was pre-COVID-19. These efforts are necessary for the sake of restoration of the border between USA and Canada that was closed due to COVID-19 in the lock down phase.

Another key article sums it up for the magazine being one of the key issues that has been released by MBE business magazines. The role of women entrepreneurs and their resilience and innovation during the COVID-19. The article signifies how women business owners and entrepreneurs have maintained their hard work and determination to work in the field of business. How they have accepted the challenges of COVID-19 and been on a bridge of resilience and commitment while fighting COVID all the way.

An article on Digital media marketing highlighting the way brands have re-invented their digital marketing strategy. What are the CSR or Corporate Social responsibility elements that brands have taken care of and devised a completely fresh strategy? Problem solving the relevant issues in the world of digital media is also part of the dynamic strategies achieved by the brands.

If you are a business owner, how can you increase your sales with POS or Point of Sale Systems? What are the things that attract customer’s attention and enabling customer feedback, a key functionality in POS.? Receipts are a key part of POS systems for customer satisfaction.

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