Tuesday, December 1, 2020

ISSUE 60 I DEC 2020

MBE Business magazine’s last issue of the year 2020 is a highly focused one of relationships with individuals and attitudes of the managers in the identification & development of talent. Holds management articles that are based on personal evaluations and engagement of the employees. Some interesting research based articles on a sustainable approach towards food waste management. How to enter 2021 with new and refined success agendas. Changes in the immigration in travel restrictions for immigrants coming to Canada, and how these changes can help positively. How to handle yourself mentally during the second wave of COVID-19, a question of importance for those that are affected.

A management article from Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, on how to develop your relationship with an individual. Having corporate success with relationship management and developing relationships with the colleagues and business partners. What exactly is relationship management? A question that holds some key answers from judgements and evaluations of Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, CEO & President MBE Group. How important is it to balance your relationships with family and friends and how you can manage a flexible lifestyle at work & home. Relationships matter wisely in business affairs and developing long and sustainable partnerships. It gives an individual a vision to grow & move forward with a dynamic attitude.

Management article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi on how working hard in the right direction always pays off in terms of success. How the right direction paves the way? A question every business owner should ask themselves. The right direction necessarily means what’s best for your business goals and how to achieve your business targets. How can as an individual you can improve smart working and what are the contents of working smartly rather than hard work only. There are certain measures for smart leadership and how a smart leader can change the whole scenario for the sake of regional success. Along with consistent hard work, how effective communication helps along with positive and committed hard work.

The attitudes of managers towards identifying & developing talent, an article from Syed Alamdar Hussain is on talent development and talent hunt. Identification of talent needs the eye of a tiger, as you have to spot the talent in your team and manage your resources likely. The article is based on the corporate experiences of a corporate head who has lots of experiences of different situations in the industry. Focusing on the right traits and finding out the current judgements and establishments in the corporate world. The article clearly defines how experience is far bigger than working as a fresh graduate or a new hire. It surely signifies the values attached to thinking ahead in the corporate environment. What it takes generally to make people feel better and how far you can go to bring changes around you or your team. You have to stay inside your company to look-up for talent and talent management rather than going outside to find people who are committed. This means ‘Talent management’ and the importance of utilization & grooming of your human resources. These resources are the most critical in the life of a corporate head working 9-5 with pure hard work. Manager’s attitudes matters most in certain conditions & to tackle different conditions in different times.

An article from the Environmental category is based on a sustainable approach towards food waste management. Canada is highly conscious over their food waste management strategies and how they can comply effectively with food waste management. The efforts of consumers in food waste management has been critical in last few years in Canada. These efforts has significantly been part of the many change management activities that have taken place all over North America. It also highlights the huge number of hazards associated with food waste management and what steps can be taken by the Canadian Govt. to overcome these challenges.

Despite the pandemic that is entering the second-phase of COVID-19, Canada is open for migrations in 2021. The people are quiet welcome in Canada to study, work & settlements due to the COVID-19 being a hurdle as well as opening new doors for new entries in Canada. Immigration Canada is creating opportunities in disguise for new migrations and making higher aims for the new comers. This is precisely to encounter the adverse effects of COVID-19 that caused hurdles in migrations in Canada. There are plenty of benefits associated with the increase in immigration levels in the upcoming years. It will definitely balance the scenario and make things aligned in the correct directions. As Canada is a huge country that is highly dependent on migrations and have a migration history since 1980s.

Joe Biden, the President elect to be the 46th US President of United States of America. The news is taken with huge appreciation by the Govt. of Canada and they welcome the new president elect who will be taking oath on 20th of January 2021. The previous oath ceremony was for President Donald Trump on 20th January 2017. One of the biggest occasions in history of US politics as President of States is the man with most powers in the world. There were talks held between the President of USA and PM of Canada Justin Trudeau regards to the opening of Canada/USA borders. Some other very important agendas were also discussed during the meeting.

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