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ISSUE 61 I JAN 2021

MBE Business Magazine 61st
MBE Business Magazine, Issue#61 is the first and one of the most vital issues of 2021. It holds impressive management articles as well as many other articles that holds vital facts post pandemic. 2020 has been declared as the year of pandemic, COVID-19 and its effects on Canada has been highly disturbing on many industries. The article from CEO & President Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi on the topic of Relationship with your colleagues & subordinates. This is while delivering your subordinates what you want exactly from them in a highly trained professional and corporate environment. An article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi, Vice President of MBE Inc. on the topic of Positive Effects of Vaccine on Canadian Real Estate & Migrations. How the effects of Vaccine has impacted the immigration industry & The Real Estate sector in Canada. A management article from Syed Alamdar Hussain that demonstrates the qualities of Effective leaders in a Modern environment. How the effective leaders qualities comes into play and what impacts it outlays on a professional environment. An advert of the Autobiography of Syed Mansoor Naqvi, a true mentor and an icon in the corporate sector in Canada. A person who started business in Canada, when he reached there in the year 1996. An immigration article demonstrating that Canada targets over 400K immigrants per year starting from 2021, and these changes in the number of wanted people in Canada is due to the changing circumstances due to Pandemic COVID-19. The New Year’s Eve celebrations, an occasion of Joy for the people all over the world, especially after the celebrations of Christmas from the Christian world. An article on the retail industry sector, identifying the key challenges in the retail sector and how these challenges needs to be overcome. Another impactful article from the Sports world, on the placement of the 22nd FIFA World Cup in QATAR. Qatar 2022 will be the first official FIFA world Cup in the Middle East and the First world cup to be hosted by the Muslim World. A huge impact on FIFA as it will be the first World cup after Pandemic COVID-19. How Apple users can keep a track of their health records with the help of I-Phones. An influencing article on entrepreneurship and How Entrepreneurs can solve the world’s biggest problems in a matter of time. An article on Digital Media Marketing, on the topic of How Tourism Marketers Can boost Content visibility.

The Article from President of MBE Inc. Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi is on the Relationship with your colleagues & Sub-ordinates. How important it is to maintain healthy relationships with your colleagues and sub-ordinates is an overwhelming fact of the corporate world. Its relationship management and maintenance of the relationship that counts categorically for future business goals. The thoughts of CEO & Director MBE Inc. are because of his overwhelming experience from the corporate world since he stepped into his own business & later multiple business expansions. He has truly signified the importance of the relationship while delivering what they exactly need.

An article from Vice President Inc. Syed Mahmood Naqvi who is an expert in the Real estate business due to his rich experience while working for the Mansoor Naqvi Team. The Positive effects of Vaccine on Canadian real estate & migrations is an analytical article that demonstrates the connection between Real Estate & Immigrations & what significantly the positive effects of Vaccine are. COVID-19 vaccine is now a necessity in the modern world as it will help millions of people fight the pandemic that has proved deadly worldwide.

How a modern work environment holds importance for leaders in the corporate environment is an article from Country Head MBE Syed Alamdar Hussain. His experience in the Corporate Pharmaceuticals industry Pfizer and later in MBE truly is a demonstration of how effective leaders influence the corporate environment with an impact for future. Aspects includes the leadership trust, connecting with your subordinates, and being a confident orator. Also includes the importance of leading from the front, especially when it is most needed.

Canada has increased its immigration targets to 400K per year which is a huge increase for 2021. The main reason behind this lift in targets is due to the effects of pandemic and how they can be encountered strategically. 2020 has been a year of the pandemic and has changed many laws as well as dented the immigration industry heavily. Why Canada aims to maintain high immigration is what is evident in the article with deeper influences.

The retail industry is a very challenging industry and these challenges needs to be overcome for successfully achieving the goals. The retail sector in Canada is itself a source of huge revenue generation and it is highly difficult to maintain quality assurance procedures. The 22nd FIFA World Cup in QATAR is the first world cup to take place in the Middle East and the Muslim world. It is won by countries that includes 5 times Brazil, 4 times Italy, 4 times by Germany, twice Argentina, England (1966), Spain (2010), twice Uruguay & twice France. FIFA is the governing body that monitors, Governs & controls the Football all over the globe.

Finally, a very impactful article on the way entrepreneurs can solve the world’s biggest problems with a problem solving mindset. The entrepreneurs are movers and key decision makers who are a source of great excellence in the business world all over.

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