Thursday, April 1, 2021

ISSUE 64 I APR 2021

MBE Business Magazine, ISSU#64 is the issue released in April 2021. The Issue has the cover paper with the heading launching of commute services in Canada. A breakthrough in commuting industry known by the name of M-Rides. Also holds key articles of success & self-development articles from Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi & Syed Mahmood Naqvi on How to manage yourself & become a Franchisee for higher profitability. Mansoor Naqvi is the honorable President of MBE Inc. while Syed Mahmood Naqvi is the Vice President of the MBE Group. An article on the importance of organizational behavior and best practices is yet another inspiring article on the topic of Organizational behavior and work culture. A key article on marketing defining the steps involved in the decision making process in the gigantic world of marketing. A dynamic world that inspires the audience with creativity and defining new values with outstanding principles. The magazine, issue#64 also includes an inspirational article on team management and ways in which teams can problem solve better. Hence, as problem solving is a better way to resolve issues if not the best ways. Easter is a highly sacred occasion for Christians and Christianity all over the world. The article includes the importance of Easter and huge significance is associated with the symbols of Easter and their unique attributes attached. An inspirational and highly educational article on the Food, Health & Safety Partners in Canada & their roles merged with the Canadian Govt. authorities. Another article that relates primarily to the religion Christianity is on Good Friday and its significance and celebrations in Canada. How the delays in Vaccines has been a real cause of havoc in the Political career of Justin Trudeau. One of the most vital articles from the MBE Business Magazine is on the most common recruitments challenges faced by HR Professionals in the world of Human resource development.

A highly inspiring article from President MBE Inc. on How to manage yourself with an understanding of routine tasks. How to prioritize your key activities and make a plan that is best for you. What is the best way to manage a busy work schedule, and why a work schedule holds pure ingredients of success in the corporate and business world. According to Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, it surely starts with you, as you are at the core front of your thoughts. What are the best ways to create respect in peers through proper self-management? Your routine is your ultimate route to success, and it truly defines your roadmap towards your achievements and your objectives. What are the best ways to manage work pressures with a highly defined strategy? Strategy is the best way to follow a task or a routine. Furthermore, it highly identifies the obstacles that are coming right in front of you.

Another inspiring and highly knowledgeable article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi on How to become a Franchisee with absolutely zero investments. What are the best ways to make money through M-rides? How it works as the relationship between Franchisee and Franchise holds enormous elements of success for both stakeholders. What are the best ways in which you can easily earn smart earnings with no investments or practically zero investments? It actually lays some light on the old MBE culture that has been inspirational and a model that was initially adapted by MBE ATM when they initially started in 1996-97. This is the time when MBE was launched in Canada and started to enter the ATM, POS and Property markets in Canada. According to Syed Mahmood Naqvi, the VP of the MBE Group, the financial security is guaranteed in this model, as well as Networking is the best way towards smart working. This business model is highly inspirational in terms of networking values.

‘OB’ or Organizational Behavior is a field in corporate world that focuses on working in an organization and the codes and ethics of working together. This is a truly inspiring article from Syed Alamdar Hussain, the Country Head of MBE Inc. and he wants to communicate the ways in which people can work together for similar goals. Outlaying the importance of ‘Time’ & why ‘Time is money’ in the corporate world everywhere. The work ethics of working in any professional field or an organization always demands true values of success. Hence, all these values are attached with values generated in corporate world. How there is a connectivity of organizational behavior with entrepreneurial goals. Finally, signifying the factors that truly are agents of success in the business world.

A highly important article with respect to the current time frame is on Problem Solving. It determines various ways in which Teams can Problem solve better than individuals. The power of an individual is more than a Team and when it comes to problem solving those powers can’t be determined. How to be open to different viewpoints and why problem solving requires team work is one of the most critical answers that follows. The most important thing while working in teams is dealing with personality conflicts and highly divergent viewpoints.

The magazine holds two vital articles that are based on Easter & Easter symbols & the traditions in Christianity. On top of this, the Good Friday as part of the religious holidays in Canada. Both the events holds true values for Christians in Canada & all over the world.

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