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ISSUE 66 | JUN 2021

MBE Business Magazine, Issue#66 includes some distinguished and inspiring articles from Management and on many diverse topics that are truly inspiring. One of the best articles in the magazine relates to Diversified businesses and vital contributions to the community by CEO& President of MBE Inc. Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi. An article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi, Vice President of MBE Inc. is regards to the post pandemic effects and changes that have occurred in the world due to the effects of the pandemic. Another very inspiring article from Country Head MBE Inc. is regards to the challenges of The Corporate World in Terms of Managing Time and Attitude. A management article that highlights issues of managing stress at the workplace. An article on buy now and pay later programs that are doing surprisingly well in the retail markets in Canada. As far as the benefits of multitasking are concerned, how multitasking is the new business edge and helps people in the industry to prosper. Multitasking is always helpful for people who want to move ahead and inspire the world with growing ideas. An environmental article that shows how the consumption of electric vehicles is moving ahead in the world. This rise is evident in countries in Europe especially Scandinavian. An article on the endangered species in Canada mainly due to the effects of the climate change and other hazards. What are the key things that needs to be overlooked when buying a POS System? Very common systems in Canadian retail environment these days and helps a huge deal in working with good effects in the retail industry of Canada. Celebrating the National Indigenous People’s day in Canada, and why it matters for the people of Canada, i.e. the inhabitants since a long time, i.e. early days. What’s the role of Age, Environment & Mindset in Self-Motivation? An article in Issue#66 that is always good for those who lack self-motivation or want to increase their motivational levels. How market research helps your business towards success, a detailed and truly inspirational article that demonstrates the vital contributions of Market Research for success and good results.

The Management article from Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi is Business Magazine’s key highlight and something that is considered a vital contribution to the magazine. The many diversified businesses and the vital contributions to the community is a focus on new businesses as well as a business acquisition that holds significant values to MBE Inc. This acquisition is of Heritage North Kirkland, and holds values for MBE as it is a major facilities in the area of Kirkland. This is also for socializing, partying and other activities that are key activities regards to the community practices. How diversified businesses are bringing the value chain to the Canadian economy in terms of the job prospects and employment opportunities for people from all backgrounds.

An article from Vice President of MBE Inc. regards to the Post Pandemic effects and significant changes in the world. How the changes have changed North America, a region that has been deeply affected by the pandemic effects. How COVID-19 has affected the Real Estate sector in Canada regards to the ups & downs of the sector.

A management article from Country Head MBE Inc. which signifies the challenges of the corporate world while managing the Time and Attitude, two significant aspects that matters. How can you manage the stress issues at the workplace, and why stress management is so necessary to overcome the many challenges of the corporate world? Why is it important to manage time for effective performances as well as anger management issues, i.e. a breakthrough in attitude? It’s very important to keep asking yourself, How Good Is Your Time Management?

An article that is in fact a good news for Canadians regards to buying things. Buy now and Pay Later, something that has been very common in Europe, has been making in-roads in Canadian retail sector. A policy that will increase the sales and ease the shopping options for Canadians in the retail markets of Canada.

Celebrating the National Indigenous People’s Day in Canada on 21st June 2021’. A day that holds huge significance for Indigenous Canadians and their cultural heritage and significance. This is while honoring the culture, contributions and the heritage of the first people also known as the Inuit. Their value is like sugar in a cup of tea, i.e. “Sweet but invisible.”

A corporate article that signifies the key values of the benefits of Multitasking in the modern business environment. How multitasking keeps you active as well as why it is the biggest need of the hour in the modern times. It truly shows and determines the factors that helps in growing in the corporate world, which is full of challenges.

Electric Vehicles and why the consumption of Electric Vehicles is a huge step towards the environmental prosperity in Canada. Canada’s climate change efforts w.r.t. the electric vehicles and how they can be a huge way forward towards environmental sustainability.

Canada is a huge land being the 2nd largest country area-wise. The article shows the endangered species who are in danger due to the climatic hazards and climate change in Canada.

A motivational article that demonstrates the role of Age, Environment and Mindset in Self-Motivation. How the environment counts for future values and overall impacts in form of a positive mindset.

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