Thursday, September 2, 2021

ISSUE 69 | SEP 2021

MBE Business Magazine, {ISSUE#69} holds highly relevant, structured & updated management articles with key focus on latest market trends & MBE Businesses. A focused and one of the most dynamic articles from President Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi on How to Find Success in any business while being a solution provider. Opening key insights on being an active solution provider & finding success with multiple businesses. How a man can make a difference but team can make miracles is an article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi, yet another dynamic & a visionary approach. How to be a positive in life and ways to avoid the naysayers is another management article from Country Head Syed Alamdar Hussain. A visionary by nature and a true analyst of key business trends. Some other articles includes the heatwave accessed in British Columbia and how the heat wave has changed the course of many things including a huge number of deaths. How you can strengthen your communications within remote and hybrid teams is discussed effectively in the article ‘Strengthen your communication’. The way smart technologies is influencing the hotel industry in Canada is a highly overwhelming article on the hospitality industry in Canada. A highly influencing interview with the CEO Venturepark Arlene Dickinson. The interview is an inspiring one that highlights the success and the accomplishments of a highly influential man in industry. The Labor Day article, a day falling on the 7th of September is the most famous and most attributed day for the labors all over the world. The magazine also includes a highly overwhelming article on the list of the happiest countries of the world signifying why they are worth living. An inspiring article regards to the motivations for an entrepreneur regards to setting up his/her own enterprise. The article is focused for bringing inspirations to new entrepreneurs to start their own enterprise and relish deeply in the business world. Why breakfast is known as the king meal of the day, the article is focused on the importance of the first meal of the day on the rest of the day.

The management article from Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi on finding success in any business while being a solution provider is an aspiring article with reflections of the journey of the great man himself. The article overshadows the importance of the team engagement regards to covering the loop holes and the grey areas in a particular business. Every business has certain grey areas that are most of the time ignored or a business owner is found reluctant to approach them. However, strategies regards to business remedies and solutions ascertain that covering the grey areas first should be the priority of the business owner. Regards to the ROI or return on investments, the activities of key business people and the business owners are paramount. Ironically, as they are the growth indicators.

An article from Syed Mahmood Naqvi, Vice President, MBE giving a simple message that why one man can make a difference, but team can make miracles that are outstanding. Signifying the importance of team work and how team work is good for an excellent feedback system. Apart from these the connections of the MBE Group with better and more outstanding team work. Team work is door to all the solutions in the business world with MBE’s outstanding progress.

The country head’s article is focused on positivity and staying with the positive elements of life. For this the best thing is to avoid the naysayers and stay positive with the thinking aspects. The journey of life has got many ups and downs and life is encountered with challenges every now and then. To overcome these, one has to stay positive and highly energetic while avoiding what the negative thinkers has to say. Positive energy is more important and holds ingredients of success than the negative energies that is composed of negative thoughts and one-sided opinions.

An article on environment regards to the heat wave recently being witnessed in the province British Columbia. It has resulted in deaths of many people with temperatures rising to as high as 46-48 degree Celsius. The city of Vancouver is the largest city in British Columbia, & has witnessed many deaths and has been on the receiving end of the weather after a long time.

An inspiring and interesting article on the hospitality industry in Canada with the focus being how smart technologies is influencing the hotel industry in Canada. Smart technologies includes smart energy management system, smart reserve parking, and remote check-ins and check-out. These integrated systems are an added advantage for the customers in terms of usability and user friendliness.

The Labor Day holds huge significance to the history and the importance of Labor Day to Canada. A day that celebrates the Canadian labor values attached to the work culture and the historical significance of the day.

An article that covers the unique and most significant list of countries that are termed as the happiest countries in the world. The key aspects that makes them worth living and the values attached to work culture. The countries includes most of the countries from European continent and most of them are from the Nordic nations, i.e. Scandinavian countries. The countries includes Finland. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand in the list of top 10 listed on 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th and 9th respectively.

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