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ISSUE 70 | OCT 2021

mbe business magazine 70th issue

MBE BUSINESS MAGAZINE, ISSU#70 comprises of some useful and extraordinary articles also including three management article from the list of articles included in the magazine ISSUE. The launch of M-FOODZ and the role of The MBE Group is a very inspiring article from Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, The CEO & President of the MBE Group. Another article emphasizing the importance of team work from Vice President MBE Syed Mahmood Naqvi is a very unique and touching article that inspires values that relates to how team work can create a big difference in a growing company. Another key article ‘There is No Shortcut to Hard work’ is an inspiring article that is focused to motivate people towards values of hard work and how it can create a massive difference. No shortcuts applied means, your commitments are 100% towards your work. A mix of articles from environmental and health & fitness is a unique balance of how the magazine issue is compiled for the sake of the readers.

Syed Mahmood Naqvi, Vice President of MBE Inc. is not only a dedicated professional, but also a writer of extraordinary skills & abilities. How one man can make a difference, but team can make miracles is his contribution to the MBE Business magazine ISSUE and the focus in this article is M-Rides. A new business venture that has been a cause of employment generation in this era where it’s hard to find employment, especially due to the pandemic. The article is artistically focused on team work and how that team work leads to people working with commitment together. How the company has moved forward in the times of the pandemic, COVID-19 with CERB and WSP, the Govt. based programs that has been a source of great help to the people of Canada. A change in stance for MBE has worked well to prove how MBE has switched gears during the times of the pandemic.

The launching of M-FOODZ and the role of the MBE Group is an inspiring work from the CEO and President of MBE, Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi. The president of MBE Inc. remembers his times from the era of ‘Coffee Time’ to date. The links created from one business to another is an ultimate thing in the business world and MBE President is happy to attain this achievement. The handling of M-Foodz is highly dependent on other businesses as well and apart from that the team work is indeed needed most.

An article from Country Head, Syed Alamdar Hussain revolves around the importance of hard work in the corporate world. It’s like climbing a mountain and making your moves in the world of business for improved results and success. A culture of hard work is the most important thing and Canada has made massive improvements in achieving those grounds. How working hard in the right direction is the most wonderful achievement in the world of business and corporate world. It is indeed an ultimate source of accomplishment and sense of achievement for the hard workers. Improving your focus while working hard for your goals is an ultimate source of passion and happiness. It eases the thorns and the difficulties in the way forward. Working hard also demands pure commitment for those who apply their mind, body and soul to their agendas. The most important thing to realize here is ‘No Pain No Gain’ which simply means you can’t accomplish your agendas until you take the pains to accomplish them.

An article from Syed Hassan from the Royal LePage on the proposals from the major political parties of Canada and its impacts on the Real Estate. An article that is focused deeply on how the real estate markets in Canada are affected due to the involvement & proposals from major political parties of Canada. Real estate depends heavily on political issues and it is something that can easily impact a scenario or bring changes. These changes can be rise in the prices and other different aspects that are linked up with the market analysis. The proposals includes ban on foreign investments in housing for 2 years, no blind bidding, taxing vacant foreign owner’s houses, and no flipping of houses for an year. All these proposals including some more are the ones from different political parties.

The key level of importance attached with the talent for accomplishing of the success agendas. Talent is something that is unique and different in people while it varies from one person to another. The eye for the talent also counts a lot, as it is an attribute that counts in the company’s way forward.

The number of challenges faced by young entrepreneurs while growing up their business are too many. However, it’s their character that shows effectively while they get to their goals. How to be a visionary for entrepreneurial success is something that is not in occupancy of all entrepreneurs. However, being a visionary is a huge source of motivation for a growing entrepreneur. The capacity in the entrepreneurs to deal with uncertainties is a property that counts for a sustainable business. An article that revolves around SCM or Supply Chain management and its benefits in retail industry. How an effective supply chain is an added advantage for the retailers and how it gives them a huge competitive advantage. Definitely improves cash flows to much larger extent.

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