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ISSUE 71 | NOV 2021

The MBE Business Magazine, November ISSUE is a mix of some absorbing articles from various categories including Environmental, Tech, ATM/POS, Business, Organizational Behavior & various other interesting categories. Management articles from President Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, Vice President MBE, and Syed Mahmood Naqvi & Syed Alamdar Hussain are some of the most interesting & key articles that are the backbone of ISSUE#71. Travelling to Canada as a Tourist with some vital FAQs, i.e. Frequently Asked Questions, makes it easier for people to ponder carefully and evaluate with reasoning before applying for a Tourist visa for Canada. Endangered species, i.e. White Sturgeons are becoming extinct in the ecological system of Canada and what needs to be done to stop them from finishing at a fast rate? How importance it is to work with people in an organizational culture? And the importance of Remembrance Day for the people of Canada, especially in terms of the losses faced during World War 1.

An article from Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, the President and CEO of MBE Group, is one of the most inspiring masterpiece that holds vital information in terms of knowledge and ideas. The Title of the article is ‘Two Years of Pandemic & its Side-effects’ holds great values of concern for those who are most affected with the adverse effects of the pandemic. How the pandemic has changed minds of people and what are the ways to come out of the illusions of a relaxed work environment. What are the best ways to reset the attitude in more refined ways for a sustainable future? The most important thing in these current times of stress is to maintain a culture of hard work and consistency in deliverables. Getting back to track means the handling of pressure like before and what it can give to people in terms of long-term and short-term goals.

A brilliant work from Syed Mahmood Naqvi, the Vice-President of MBE Group, on the advantages of social media with the tech difference. It’s another masterpiece from the Vice President highlighting on how social media has been so effective and work from home options bridging the gaps for employees who are willing to work even in the era of the pandemic. It’s indeed the digital age and the use of social media that has been a phenomenon in technology that has made in-roads for so many fresh entrepreneurs. While refreshing the power of networking and how important it is to have a network that will influence your future goals. But, naturally speaking a difference in era is a key for the revival as many people think that the technology difference will act as a huge catalyst. Hence, especially, during the process of reforming things.

The business world is so global and obviously filled up with so many challenges that can be highly tricky for a smooth future progression. All is well that ends well in the business world, is an article from Syed Alamdar Hussain, the Country Head of MBE who thinks positively while handling do or die situations. It’s important in the business world that one should train their mind for better and positive results every day. Ironically, as every day is a new day and shall bring with it new challenges to train your mind positively. How important it gets in the business world to analyze challenging situations and why it gets difficult to maintain a corporate culture. It’s not only the maintenance of the corporate culture, but it’s being more cautious in terms of the corporate challenges.

Endangered Species, Conserving the White Sturgeons in British Columbia is an article that signifies the importance of conserving endangered species and the various factors that impact the white sturgeons. It actually a fish that is threatened on a global scale and what actions can be taken on a globalized scale to minimize the threats imposed to the White Sturgeon?

Another key and impactful article in the magazine definitely holds massive importance and it is based on the 7th Global Summit that is being held on Waste Management & Recycling. The summit is going to take place between 17th and 18th November 2021 and will address the issues that relates primarily towards waste management. It shall be taking place in Toronto and the Canadian role is emphasized much more deeply for environmental sustainability.

There are many benefits that are associated with Green Tea regards to managing health. Weight loss is one of the most profound benefits, while this is true it also improves the brain function. It also prevents heart diseases as well as other cardiovascular diseases. There are innumerable benefits of the anti-oxidants found in green tea apart from the antioxidants helping in fat burn at a must faster rate.

Remembrance Day falls on the 11th of November and is a day dedicated for those who gave their life during the World War. World War 1 was seen as the darkest hour in history while it started with many human losses apart from other variable losses. However, the war ended on 11th Nov 1918 after almost 4 years, while it started on 28th July 1914. A great chapter in history and remembered with national sentiments for Canadians who lost their lives on the Remembrance Day.

An article that is purely based on the technological innovations that will impact the future of E-banking. Digital banking or e-banking is the way of banking, with many useful applications and features that demonstrates its vital significance for the banking future.

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