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Writing with creativity and passion is a highly professional attitude, especially if you are writing for a Business magazine. Currently, we are looking for writers who can write as our guest writers and can demonstrate their skills along with knowledge in the creative business environment. 

Having knowledge of different topics and full command overwriting shall be a bonus for us. Knowledge sharing is itself an art that is important to be demonstrated and outlays an immense emphasis on a person’s character building. Share your thoughts in form of articles that will be useful for you and for our company MBE as well. 

MBE Business magazine is active in Canada since 2014 and has been a huge impact on the Canadian business environment. Please be prepared and stay confident to be part of our team of business writers for MBE Business Magazine. 

Writing with creativity and passion
Talent has no boundaries and no nationality

Talent has no boundaries and no nationality, and we shall be looking for sample work from everywhere with only quality and standards as our biggest and foremost criteria. Give your thoughts, your knowledge, your experience, and your best notions cultivation in form of writings. 

Hence, we shall be highly grateful to contact you if we feel that your sample writing is original and worthwhile. Knowledge sharing is important, worthwhile, and has an immense emphasis on a person’s character building. Share your ideas with us that will challenge our readers and move our industry forward. Your creativity and originality are one of the most wanted elements in writing. 

To be part of our most dynamic team of writers working together with editors, you must be prepared. Talent truly has no boundaries, neither has it had any language nor style. Similarly writing in English is the most wanted talent MBE is always looking for. 

MBE gives an edge to creativity as writing for MBE takes an immense amount of writing potential. Thus, clustering your thoughts on paper and keeping up with the flow of writing. Hence, it will be most desirable for customers to have the best articles online.


At MBE Business Magazine we have a highly systematic feedback system. We can instantly give you true feedback according to certain KPI’s which include quality of writing, quality of English, knowledge outcomes regards to the topics, and relevancy according to the category of the article. 

Our feedback is based on true assessments and we are 100% sure that if you are worthy to work for us as our guest writer you will have the opportunity. You will also be rewarded depending on the true feedback of the article and on behalf of the commitments to recognize your efforts. 

Your articles should be presentable, knowledgeable based on facts and research, and must have the ingredients of success for the MBE Business Magazine.

magazine publishing standards


MBE Business magazine is a regular magazine focusing on Business articles as what we publish in our magazine is based on facts and is a standardized product. For getting par with our publishing standards we can guide you more closely once you are selected as a guest writer to write for us. 

The tone of the article shouldn’t be casual or like as if you are just trying to convey a message. It should be standardized according to business writing standards and what can be done to keep it maintained.


The writers that will be writing for our magazine as freelance writers shall have some benefits & privileges in form of memberships & marketing of their digital services.

These benefits are as follows;

  • Distinguished work of writers working for us will be shown on our Blogs with their name
  • If they are a part of a company or Digital Media services, we shall market them on our various platforms.
  • Additional benefits includes a free membership with RMA Canada.


At MBE Business Magazine we are dealing with a wide variety of categories for articles that are being published in our magazine after every two months. The categories that have been selected for The Business Magazine are based on the Canadian environment and what’s happening in Canada. 

Also, includes interviews of many known entrepreneurs, business personalities, and people influential and acknowledged people from Canada. Apart from interviews we also include Current affairs as one of the most important categories. The events taking place in Canada are demonstrated in form of articles in the Event category. 

These include Christmas, Easter, Canada Day, Canadian National Flag Day, National Indigenous Day, & Father’s Day. The aim of this categorization is to highlight the influence of the events taking place and how important are they for Canada and its history. The various categories are as follows:

connecting the digital world 24-7 mbe business magazine_Page_01

All these Categories are the ones we have articles currently present on blogs. Depending on the article type if it’s not available on the list. To the current list of categories, a category can be added for writing. 

However, most of the articles fall in the list of 32 categories mentioned above. Hence, we are confident that our writers can work on most of the writing categories. This is because most of our articles are very comprehensive. 

Furthermore, they deliver what’s most needed in the industry and according to the industry needs.

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